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MEDEVAC ("Lifeguard") Flights
MEDEVAC flights are for missions of an urgent medical nature and the call sign is utilized when a flight requires expeditious handling. Air Traffic Control will expedite the handling of aircraft using a lifeguard prefix to their flight identifier.
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Airborne MEDEVAC ("Lifeguard") Flights
Arrival Time
N607TNC525Wheeler Downtown ()Wichita Mid-Continent ()화 02:18 CDT화 03:01 CDT00:43
N762CAC421Montgomery Field ()Imperial County ()화 00:06 PDT화 00:41 PDT00:35
N610TABE20Cheboygan County ()Oakland County Intl ()화 02:57 EDT화 03:46 EDT00:49
N1685SBE9LMontrose Rgnl ()Centennial ()화 00:52 MDT화 01:37 MDT00:42
N399AMPC12솔트레이크시티 국제공항 ()Ely Arpt /Yelland Fld/ ()화 00:35 MDT화 00:24 PDT00:55
N361PJLJ35Kahului ()Van Nuys ()월 16:30 HST화 00:29 PDT05:08
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MEDEVAC flights operate under their own identifier but are displayed in red on other FlightAware pages.