MEDEVAC ("Lifeguard") Flights
MEDEVAC flights are for missions of an urgent medical nature and the call sign is utilized when a flight requires expeditious handling. Air Traffic Control will expedite the handling of aircraft using a lifeguard prefix to their flight identifier.
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Airborne MEDEVAC ("Lifeguard") Flights
Arrival Time
N715DLC25AWheeler Downtown ()Dodge City Rgnl ()수 08:36 CDT수 09:33 CDT00:56
N911MNBE20Joe Foss Field ()Cheyenne Eagle Butte ()수 08:30 CDT수 08:27 MDT00:57
N911UMC560Livingston County ()Luce County ()수 09:30 EDT수 10:09 EDT00:44
N531SWBE20Chandler Muni ()Dimmit County ()수 06:16 MST수 11:16 CDT02:55
N619MJLJ55Teterboro ()Greater Rochester Intl ()수 09:01 EDT수 09:42 EDT00:41
N441CXC441Minot Intl ()Rochester Intl ()수 07:37 CDT수 09:14 CDT01:34
N604GSLJ35멤피스 국제공항 ()Teterboro ()수 07:03 CDT수 10:17 EDT02:15
N911CXBE9LLaughlin/Bullhead Intl ()Tucson Intl ()수 03:26 MST수 07:05 MST01:17
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MEDEVAC flights operate under their own identifier but are displayed in red on other FlightAware pages.


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