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About the Marketplace

FlightAware is the largest general aviation web site in the world -- over two million monthly users use FlightAware for flight tracking, flight planning, aviation news, and to connect with others in the FlightAware Marketplace.

It's free for everyone

Just like other FlightAware services, listing or searching on FlightAware Marketplace is completely free. It's free to post aircraft listings, search for aircraft, post jobs, or look for a job.


Aircraft for sale by owner or representative/broker


Pilot job listings from employers

Jets - Passenger Jets (light jet to transport category)

Turboprop - Single or twin engine turboprop airplane

Twin-Piston - Twin-piston engine airplane

Single-Engine - Single-engine piston airplane

Experimental/Homebuilt Piston - non-certificated aircraft

Military - Warbirds, Jet Trainers, and more

Piston Helicopters - Piston Engine Helicopter

Turbine Helicopters - Jet Engine Helicopter

Regional Airline Pilots - Captain or First Officer positions at regional airlines (e.g., ExpressJet, Pinnacle

Major Airline Pilots - Captain, First Officer, or Flight Engineer positions at major airlines (e.g., Continental, FedEx

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