Hurricane Irene Impact on Airline Travel in United States

2011년 8월 29일 월요일 08:19
Last updated 6 years ago.

Mass transit is operating a limited schedule in both NYC and Boston, so airports are open and airlines are eager to begin operating flights this morning. The major airports in Boston and New York have begun to see arrivals and are ramping up to begin departures in the next few hours. Continental, the largest carrier at Newark, has announced that operations will not resume prior to noon. DC airports (IAD/DCA) are operating a full schedule (except for flights to/from NYC and Boston).

Total cancellations for today are currently at 1,448 and expected to rise somewhat as the day unfolds. There are only 8 cancellations so far for tomorrow. Total cancellations for yesterday (Sunday) are now at 7,804 and total cancellations for Saturday are 4,164. The weekend's total cancellations was 11,968, bringing the Saturday-Monday total to 13,416 and increasing slowly.

The most impacted airports today are Newark Liberty Intl (KEWR) with 365 cancellations, John F Kennedy Intl (KJFK) with 360 cancellations, LaGuardia (KLGA) with 241 cancellations, Boston Logan Intl (KBOS) with 219 cancellations, and Philadelphia Intl (KPHL) with 107 cancellations.

The most impacted airlines today are JetBlue Airways with 283 cancelled flights, ExpressJet Airlines (Continental Express) with 159 cancelled flights, Delta Air Lines with 137 cancelled flights, Southwest Airlines with 97 cancelled flights, and Continental Air Lines (United) with 85 cancelled flights.

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