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Boeing DreamLifter LCF


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Lewis Tripp
Nice Pic.
Dream picture for a Physics teacher, hours of material!
David Stark
Great picture, right place, right time!
Dwight Hartje
There aren't to many like this one! Seen in Daily Newsletter!
jim garrity
Just beautiful!
Mike Warr
What a demonstration of air pressure over a wing !
Joseph Hill
That is not a Dreamliner it has 4 engines
For those who may be confused it's a DreamLIFTER, not DreamLINER
moonm Photo Uploader
Why the confusion?
Read the description!!

LCF is the Large Cargo Freighter.

Boeing DreamLifter LCF
Excellent! If the lighting, temperature, humidity, or AoA were a little different, this image might not have been possible. I'd love to give this more than 5 stars.
The guy in the car in front of me tonight did the same thing....NEVER brushed the snow of his car and *I* had to deal with it!
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