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  42 투표수 (4.76 평균) 및 7,094 조회수  

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Douglas DC-3 (N17334)



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john russell
THE base for ALL airliners. One of the best all time aircraft.
I personally believe that this airplane will be flying forever. The Good Old DC-3 GOONYBIRD>
Andy Wilson
This airplane sometimes is based at KSYI Shelbyville, TN.. My local airport. I uploaded some walk around pics of it.
I flew these aircraft for many years for North Central Airlines for about 4,000 hours.
I great airplane. Flew like a big old butterfly. Only had one engine failure. Received my ATR in NC728.
Leon Artac
Took flight in the Otis Sponkmier(spelling?? the cookie company) plane back about 20 years ago when they where flying the general's plane who was in charge of the 8th AAF.They gave night flights over SF and it could be chartered for parties, etc. They finally sold the plane due to insurance costs carrying passengers. I took the flight with my friend who was a pilot on a B17 in England from around May '42 to Oct/Nov '42. Did his 30 and went home! One of fee that made it back.
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