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항공 사진사진 EVA Boeing 747-400장

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  779 투표수 (4.66 평균) 및 371,131 조회수  

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Boeing 747-400


EVA Air Boeing 747-45EM taking off from runway 36L at Amsterdam- Schiphol,Netherlands


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Great spotter point!
Nelson Y
Nice to see a photo of EVA AIR, it's from my hometown...
Looks like it used all the runway..
Very big
Tell me those gates & fences are parallel to the runway
Brian Slaton
I cannot imagine the noise level that close.
Jack Tsai
Allison Lewis
great photo, the Boeing 747 is my favorite commercial airplane of all times.
Eric da Silva
Perfect timing!
jack duffy
Sky Moore
Simpy awesome shot!
Great Picture! I imagine myself on a bycicle coming down the road. What an experience!
Uwe Zinke
a copy of a 3 year old Foto???? with over 300 000 views in this database!!
This photo was posted three years ago indeed, the author is SKID7777