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항공 사진사진 American Airlines MD83 (N973TW)장

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  115 투표수 (4.54 평균) 및 114,753 조회수  

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McDonnell Douglas MD-83 (N973TW)


(HighSierraSpotters.com) The shadows and the golden glow of the scene easily reveal the time of day. Just a few moments after sunrise, this MD-83 climbs away past Mt. Rose (just south of Reno Tahoe International) at the start of an early morning flight to KDFW.


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Brian Swoger
A gorgeous picture of Mt. Rose, betting on medium level winds on climb out (look at the blowing snow at 12K on Mt. Rose!). Reno, the US Wind Tunnel!
Gary Schenauer Photo Uploader
TY For the compli, Brian.

To Mr. Daniel Baker, the members of the FA management team, the FA "Staff Pic" photo review persons, and to all FA viewers ...
Heck, I know no one at FA will ever see this comment, but nevertheless, I'm going to post it.
Just a few minutes ago, the number of "viewers" of this photo of mine went over the "100,000" mark. Now, that may not seem like a very big deal to most folks, but it most certainly is a fantastic thing to me. That a photo of mine has been viewed over 100,000 times is, to me, one of the neatest things ever! I would never have thought it possible. So I'm going to say "Thanks" to all who made it happen.
Before I joined FA back in 2009, I had submitted my amateur aviation photos to JP. Prior to 2009, I had submitted 50 photos over a time frame of several years. Every submission was rejected. Each rejection indicated a "reason." I carefully logged each "reason" and then went out and took better photos, insuring that the defects which had caused my earlier submissions to those sites to be rejected did not exist in my newest attempt, and when I thought I had finally snapped a picture that would be accepted, I sent it in. 50 attempts over several years. The only appeal I ever filed was to the 50th JP rejection, and the BS reply I received to my appeal was that I "should buy a better camera and learn how to take better photos." I've never viewed JP or A.net again, and I never will. I joined FA and one of my first submissions to the FA gallery was this photo. Is it an Ultra Top Quality pic? I know it isn't. But I was way more than excited when this one was chosen as a Staff Pic. And this morning, the 100,000th view of it was recorded.
So even tho no one will ever really see this comment, I say "Thanks" to everyone at FA & also to every single one of the 100,000 anonymous folks who viewed my pic in the FA gallery. This is just the 56th photo in the entire FA gallery to exceed 100,000 views. Thank You to all who made it happen. I am tremendously appreciative. Very Sincerely, Gary C. "RNOOldeCarl" Schenauer
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