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Boeing 747-400 (N780BA)



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Fantastic capture!
Alf Goddard
A great photo
Kyle Foster
And here we see the mother airplane watching over her young.
Steve Emery
This photo was taken at Paine Field where the plane was originally made. To the left is the main assembly building, to the right are the paint hangars, beneath the plane is a 787 and in the background are the snow capped peaks of the Cascade Mountain Range. I'm familiar with it all having spent twelve plus years there as a Jig and Fixture Builder.
활동 로그
1998년까지 거슬러 가는 N780BA에 대한 완전한 이력 검색을 원하십니까? 지금 구매하세요. 1시간 이내에 구하십시오.
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