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(Video) F18 catapult from carrier

Skip to 36s to see the takeoff video. Great shot from the pilot's perspective. ( 기타...

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krebilly 3
That will never cease to give me chills. Cool video.
All I can say is......Go Navy !
Wow... What a ride.... And Hold On.
wow, awesome power, great video, thanks for sharing.
Gads why did the Shipping company that had my stuff lose all my Super 8s. I had a ton of Carrier cats and traps from my seats on the EA-3B.
That was awesome! How about a video that shows their landing?
mick44 1
There is a really good one floating around You Tube from the right seat of an A6 intruder

omg - i feel the need...the need for speed! this is THE COOLEST!
Factoid: I remember a briefing where we were told that a cat shot equated to us pulling 5-7 "transverse" G's (through the chest)for that couple of seconds it took to throw you off the pointy end.
If that wasn't enough, when the pilot returns to his airport he will have to find out where it went. USAF airports stay put.
This has spiked my interest, anyone know of a carrier landing from a similar POV?
What a rush! We could use a thrill ride like that at the state fair.
Note where the pilot's hand is during launch: He doesn't touch the stick till he's off the deck. The launch crew don't want him touching anything until he's on his own!!
Impressive! Used to prep the pre-flight briefings on the USS Intrepid (CVS11). Never got to experience a cat or trap, but I did hitch a chopper ride once in an SH-3 on guard duty, so I've watched this from aloft. Always cool. I'm curious about the F18's altitude by the video's end. Any pilots here care to estimate his angels?
awesome video


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