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Jet plunges 3,300 feet in turbulence; 30 injured

An airliner flying from Havana to Milan abruptly plunged some 3,300 feet when it hit unusually strong turbulence over the Atlantic on Monday, terrifying passengers and leaving some 30 people aboard with bruises and scrapes, airline officials said. ( 기타...

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Should have had the Turbulence Radar on. (sounds like something a journalist would say eh boys?)
linbb 1
Ah yes that would have gotten the AC thru it for sure smooths it right out.LOL Yup I agree at least it didnt nose dive into the ground. Never seen one tail dive into the ground yet.
Mr. O'Leary of RyanAir -- take notice.
Jeff Lawson 5
Wear your seatbelts, folks!
Glad no one was seriously injured!!
...I don't know that I would consider that a "plunge"...but that's news for ya I guess.
If you were in the plane, you would consider it a plunge.
Preaching to deaf ears FedEx..walk on cargo hates being tied down.
They just love to headbutt the top of the plane. I don't know why though.
8984p 1
I presume they like to leave their impression of the plane in the plane.
Sounds like CAT to me and as far a "plunge"...yes! Thank you for wing stress tests! The pax not wearing a seatbelt are damn lucky they weren't wearing a ceiling panel!
Curious about the article's sources as AVHerland wrote 66 injuries and 1000 feet lost
mrippe 1
from this website
the aircraft was probably an airbus a330
everything else seems to be single aisle short range.
smoki 1
Bermuda Triangle strikes again? Didn't say if it was CAT which generally does not result if ever in a sudden loss of altitude with accompanying zero or negative G. Sounds more like penetration (inadvertent or otherwise) of convective activity which begs the question of whether weather radar was available and in use.
I just caught sight of your last wording "in use," that could possibly be...
I'm positive wx. radar would be working on an airliner, especially one crossing the ocean. Most MEL's say the radar could be inop. as long as the route does not take it into an area of forecasted thunderstorms, which is unlikely over the ocean.
The thing is Thrust that many of the operators that do the S America to Europe runs are just on the very edge of the fuel regulations. The punters like direct flights. So if the weather radar means a deviation the PIC has to make a decision that is not solely based on safety. Now before God's people jump on me and tell me that I do not know the F of what I post I challenge those that do these trips to come clean.
benin 1
lifetime fear of flying in 3, 2, 1...
It was reported as a 767. There was convective activity in area but no reports that they flew into a cell or encountered svr downdrafts coming off anvil. Hope that they sanitized the seats after landing.
If i lost 3000+ feet because of TB i would shit a little bit. I could see plunge if it was a sharp loss of altitude - which judging by injuries it was..
Just a little bit?
That's why pilots are not supposed to have a heart condition! Lol. Too bad for the pax with heart probs.


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