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Aggressive New Unusual Attitude Training Program Targets Commercial Pilots

Its not easy flying in the NAS... and its only gotten more complicated over the years -- especially if you are a busy commercial pilot. But Lee Lauderback's Stallion 51 operation believes that they can ease the life of today's commercial pilots... and keep them from harm when one of the most disabling emergency scenarios goes from being postulated to being real... ( 기타...

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I wanna know how much it costs.
I'm sure it's outrageous. It cost me $3,300 just to ride in their p-51 for an hour.
That's worth it.......You'll never forget that.......EVER
It was $1700 back in 1996, but I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I had the money!!!! Lee is a great pilot!!!
I am with you on that $$$$
I really think airlines should be personally in charge of training pilots. Better training will make aviation safer but few people can pay the costs immediately.


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