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Insight: U.S., China turned EU powers against airline pollution law

(Reuters) - The European Union's landmark effort to charge foreign airlines for carbon emitted on flights in and out of Europe was already failing by the time French President Francois Hollande shared his deep concerns with the European Commission chief in October. The U.S. aviation industry had mustered fierce political opposition, China was threatening ( 기타...

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Missing from the article is the role of the Russians who threatened to ban EU airlines from their airspace as had India. I have not seen any reports as to whether Canada joined this threat, but had it done so with Russia and India, EU airlines would have been in deep trouble for International flights left only with South America and Africa.
Hows the farming going?.lol
As long as hot tub works for after the work, it goes well. Cut three acres yesterday and trimmed some of the 12 foot hedges. Finished the water line to the pastures. Was feeling sorry for myself until I saw them freezing in Green Bay during the night game...reminded me of growing up in Saskatchewan so had a second Thanksgiving.
Well, they are calling for a couple hours of light snow(no stick too warm) this morning. It's right at 40 outside with no wind. Im fixing to go out and drink a cup of coffe on the proch. Going up to KFSM before noon for 2-3 hours time up there. If we go West and play, we shouldn't have any trouble. I tell you,you're gonna have to start slowing down some now that you have something else besides work to occupy your time.That's all I ever did, then I was lost for awhile, but I got to liking that porch, piddlin around the place and now I'm flying just about as much as I need to to keep the itch satisfied. Think About It.


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