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I don't need any instructions

Person buys a nice Helo. Reads manual. Says, don't need lessons. Result is predictable. ( 기타...

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Lol hahaha! "I believe I can fly......I believe I can touch OH CRAP!!!"
Was he quoted as saying "Gee, it worked on flight simulator"
A fine helicopter wasted on an irresponsible wanna-be helicopter pilot.
Absolutely.... "If I had a keyboard and a mouse, I could've flown this thing!"
Ackshirley, that's about as far as I get in the flight sim, too... =^{
Likewise. Maybe I'll invest in a joystick an see if I can get as far a Cline Hogg did.
Daniel Baker 4
Oldie but a goodie.
chalet 3
Oh, yes, way to go to save instructor´s fees. By the way I know a guy who saved 3/4 a million bucks in tuition, room and board, books, you name it and eight long years of hard study by teaching himself everything he needed, and now calls himself a PhD.
REAL men don't read the manual neither do a lot of dead ones
Tomoch 3
"Hog, get away from that thing, just get away from it!" I'm pretty sure he can't fly it now!
Hah! Good one! I know one of those types as well--calls himself a doctor of nutrition, but I'm not sure what online paper mill sold him his sheepskin.
Shhh! - Dont say things like that around my buddy, DR. CHIROPRACTOR. He went to a shitty little dump called Parker College here in Dallas. You cant miss it, it's right next door to a Waffle House and the world famous, Caberet Royale, Clubhouse, Gentlemen's Club, etc... No BS, this place is smack in the middle of Tittie-Bar-Central. Right off of Walnut Hill and Harry Hines (where the crackhead hookers stroll about). In between classes you can get a lap dance, a reach around and short stack of pancakes to get you going for the next class.

Two years later, you have that fancy paper that reads, "Doctor of Chiropractic" despite the fact REAL doctors dont recognize them. Incidentally, you may also have a mean case of the herpes.

Then, they go out and practice (I presume, still waiting on that part, this guy hasnt held a job in nearly 20 years, thanks to you and me). Thus far he has told me that those PhD types of doctors out there are brainwashed by the government to give you medications you dont need so they can control you.

Maybe I'll buy him a helo with a manual? Save the world from his "Doctor" practice?
May as well... We are all gonna be stuck with his $180,000.00 in student loans anyway! NO BS there either!
Chris.....i know this an old know if Parker College has an Aviation Program?!!?
The last thing he said was. "Hey Bubba, Hold my beer and watch this."

I've been a flight instructor since 1965, an airline transport pilot since 1967 and hold a type rating in a DC-3. Anyone reading this site knows my comment without me opening my big mouth. Yeah, and I'm 74 years old (!)
Old?! mean Wise. I would fly with you anytime
Auto-pilot, Off. Flight instruments, Set. Seat belt, Chart, Heading and altitude, Radios and nav-aids, Flight instruments, Set, set, set and uncaged. Mixtures, props, trim, flaps, flight-controls, Free and full travel. Cowl flaps, alternate air, radar, clearance, emergency briefing, pitot heat, prop-sync, transponder, pressurization, and the dump-switches.
"Okay, son. Tell 'em we're ready, runway niner-left."
Registration number N101DN. According to the NTSB, it's a Hughes 269B, and the pilot was Cline Hogg, a rancher from Fontana CA. He was 58 at the time.

He had told the instructor he had 500 hrs experience, but declined to tell him for what type; only one hour in the past 90 days was for a helicopter of this make and model.

The instructor had told him to wait for him, and not to touch anything. The student declined to accept this instruction.
What a moron... He will probably say their was something wrong with it.... I think there was a loose nut in the cockpit myself.
"Houston I should have read the instruction manual".
Macho Attitude at its best
LMAO...I am sorry. I remember TH-55 training in the Army. It took me 8.5hrs to solo in one. That throttle twisting thing was a challenge.
Also, proof that God protects the dumb...he is still alive.
He must be on the short list for the Darwin award.
Hell' that looked like me just before I washed out of Primary Helo Training at Fort Wolters Texas in 1969 flying TH55s. I did go on to be a succefull commericial pilot for 35 years..
One wonders how many other A/C in the vicinity were damaged by debris.
I don't need any instructions because I`m stupid enough..........that`s what the Learner Pilot said
Old video (2009)
But It was emailed to me and I found it interesting.
Hey Michael! Yeah, me too; I thought that was film of the first time I tried to hover at Ft. Walters! God Bless and than you for your service!
.....and pucker factor
This guy's a good example why kids should be very wary of the music they listen to- they come with hidden messages- instead of believing he could fly he would've done better just learning how to fly.
Not nice of the surrounding pilots to turn their backs on him. He made a mistake. Help him to see what he did wrong not walk away and let him come back and do the same thing tomorrow.

Perfect opportunity for a flight school to dash in and sign him up I would say.
Would you even want this numb nuts in a cockpit with you 1500 feet up?
As in 'help me before I kill myself and maybe someone else"?
Queue the music for sorcerer's apprentice.
What part of "don't touch" do you not understand?
I'm not so sure I'd want Mr. Know-it-all in my flight school. First you have to " Unlearn him " and that takes too much patience.
Thats why we need to control guns...........
Yet another example of brain mass being inversely proportional to owner's perceived testicle size. Safe bet he is American.
Way to advertise your an ass, dan


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