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Squawks 및 헤드라인AA flight 1051 MD-80 Horizontal Stab jammed on ORD-AUS flight today...

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AA flight 1051 MD-80 Horizontal Stab jammed on ORD-AUS flight today...

Best possible outcome - a safe landing.. My wife emailed & texted me in terror this afternoon. Pilot informed passengers of malfunction. Passengers prepped for emergency landing, flight circled for fuel burn. Thank you pilot and crew! AMR - please keenly maintain and inspect your aircraft especially with all the business distractions right now. Please accelerate the retirement of your aging fleet. (flightaware.com) 기타...

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They laid that one off to poor maintenance i.e., not lubing the HS enough. Not quite the same but wasn't that jackscrew found to be the culprit in those 737 crashes at Pittsburgh and in Colorado?

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10-4. I'll try and call that up on the tube when I get a chance
No..the poorly lubricated jack screw was what caused the Alaska MD-80 top crash..
The United and USAir 737 rudder hard over were caused theoretically by a jammed servo push/pull rod that is used to make rudder deflections one way or the the other...
Pitch trim run-a-way and jammed stabilizer are part of your flight sim training. Good checklist and CRM procedures are nessasary in the cockpit. Part 25 certified aircraft can fly with these malfunctions. A well trained crew can deal with it.
"Please accelerate the retirement of your aging fleet???"
You told me to settle down earlier so I dind't blow no O ring.lol. what's good for the old goose is good for the young gander.LOL
Yeah but my rings are still in production... What's going on with you?
Well, I went to Prescott AZ and back on Monday and to Liberal KS on Tuesday and have set on my butt the rest of the week. One of my newby's quit to go back down close to Houston, where him&wife are from. He said he got him a job as a line dog with United. Gonna do all their training thing and work a reserve board, for about 2 grand a year of what he had here and about 1/2 the benny's. Oh well!
I'll probabably find out tomorrow afternoon what we are doing next week.
Weird. Nothing in the Austin Staesman as you would expect and no link other than to a flight aware schedule. Links?
funny how i am not finding this incident noted on Aviation Hearld or any of the other aircraft incident reporting sites, or even one single news story. let's face it press eats up anything bad about American Airlines. I hate to say without documentation of the incident, I question it even happened. Furthermore, without any documentation of the incident out there, do I dare say we have another case of disgruntled staff or former staff trying to cause issues?
Considering I was on the flight I was quite suprised I didn't see it in the news either. We landed with 4 firetrucks waiting and escorted us to the gate once they cleared us. It was a smooth landing and the pilot confirmed that it was a landing WITH a jammed horizontal stabilizer..At that point we all clapped. Not a full flight but definitely others there.
I wouldn't disagree with you, BUT, on down in this thread are a couple of comments, one from someone on the filght and another noting that it is an item trained for and can be handled with good CRM and a well trained crew. That said, I have never had one jam on me but I daresay I don't think it would be any fun, regardless of who was in the cockpit. That said, why it is not published in the usual rag sheets I dunno.
I was on that flight and thank goodness for a terrific crew that landed us safely in Austin. We circled for about 25 minutes and then the pilot came on and told us the news. We prepared for emergency landing- removing heels, getting into crash landing position, and learning how to operate plane doors. It was terrifying but so very thankful for the crew. No thanks to the old TWA plane.
What's being an old TWA plane have to do with a mechanical??? You ever had a flat tire or dead battery in an old car???
I've had a jammed stabilizer an a 30 year old Learjet, it's a machine, it will break!!!
I have never had one but I can bet it wouldn't be any fun. You definitely need to know how to fly your plane cause all the checklists in the world probably wouldn't help you on that, let alone having time to read them.
The one I had a couple years ago, I could kinda laugh about now. The airplane kept climbing and there were guys above just getting out of our way. I looked down at the ocean as it was happening wondering if that day was going to be the day.
Obviously the guy above wanted me to suffer some more in 135, so I'm still here...
and what did you do to get safely on Terra Firma ????
I guess it was better climbing than going down, at least for a bit, but like is asked below, how did you gt it down? Maybe you won't suffer too bad.LOL.

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Dat oughta work.LOL