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Air Canada "Call me Maybe" (Music Video)

The crew (and passengers) of Air Canada storm to victory with their rendition of "Call me Maybe" at ISPY 2013 in Brighton. This performance won the ISPYs Got Talent - Sponsored by Britvic. It was created over multiple flights including; Sydney, Shanghai and Mexico City sectors. (youtu.be) 기타...

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who wouldn't fly with such a warm and friendly airline lol
a little to warm and friendly if you ask me...lol
Fido7585 1
Killjoy! This world needs cheering up - and that video did it for me!
Fido7585 1
That response is to be expected of someone demonstrating a total lack of humour! Do have a nice day...
maybe you are the one lacking the sense of humor or just plain ole common sense considering you didn't pick up on the underlying joking manner of it...lol....now you have a wonderful day and be safe.

Fido7585 1
Doo have a nice day
suz 2
Very cool video.
Too funny like to fly with that crew for sure!!!