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747 clips tail of regional jet at O'Hare Airport

May 30, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- A 747 airliner clipped the tail of a regional jet at O'Hare International Airport this afternoon causing some damage to the aircraft. (abclocal.go.com) 기타...

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crk112 2
lol not the first time that's happened eh?? i find it funny that they decided to do an emergency evacuation of the plane..
Captain's call. There's an APU running in the tail of that airplane and could have posed a real problem if it became damaged. Some checklists call for an evac only if necessary. If there's no fire or smoke then maybe just a quick deplaning would be enough. You have to be there to judge.
I didn't see nor hear, nor read anything about an emergence evac., only that everyone deplaned.
Not only is an evac slight overkill but to reequip 5 or 10 main doors with certified escape slides if they are available will be extremely time consuming and expensive, take it from me, I was the R&D engineer on this equipment when we developed and certified it in 1970.
As the SWA had only 41 pax on it from KLAX-KLAS yesterday, this Eagle only had 18 on it. How are deals like those supposed to make any money? Surely that can't be an all the time deal and nobody catch it?
saso792 1
Check the Flightaware Airling Insite for the American Eagle flight and you will see this flight averages 81% of the seats filled.
I wonder this too. The only way it works is if the aircraft has a good load out of the next stop. The system is fluid and you can't look at a single leg and make a case from it. A company's combined load factor takes into account the empty legs.
saso792 1
sorry, my glasses didn't catch the spelling error, Airline Insite not Airling.
Obviously the pilot training to transition from a Normal aircraft to a 747 is sadly lacking with this supposed airline.
I dont see they story
oops- Dupe Squawk! Someone beat me to it..
Looks like minimum damage to both aircraft. It appears they must have just touched each other. I am sure there maybe some bent metal, but nothing appears costly and serious.
ouch the pilot on the american eagle plane was smart he saved passengers from injuries :D
What a big bully.
By looking at the clip, the 47 knew he was close, and the RJ looks like he was waiting a the gate. Looks like the fault of the 47 being in a hurry. LOL, the updated story says "No delays were reported.", LOL, that says nothing about Cancellations!
The ERJ wasn't even parked yet, the id bet the 747 and the ERJ were head on and the ERJ was told to scoot into the gate, he just didn't do it all the way, and the tower cleared the 47 to continue assuming the ERJ parked correctly.
Years back an EL AL 747 clipped an American Eagle ATR at JFK. Several days later the ATR was back on line with a black silhouetted 747 displayed beneath the Capt. side window.
If we are now discussing other incidents, lets not forget the recent Air France A380 clipping and Delta (I think it was) CRJ. Now that was a hit as the video showed how violently the CRJ bounced and slid around.
know this each pilot should know the length of their aircraft
Wally144 1
Looks to me that the RJ was not parked properly - he is sticking out into the taxiway. The 747 is taking the correct track. Lousy parking job!
"Clear left". "Clear right". Gotta say it and actually do it. Not tower's fault.
That was a dandy. I think the CRJ pilot told the tower to roll the trucks. I think he was (or should have been) clear the taxiway but nowhere near a gate and that 380 slid him around pretty good. You are correct in that it was a CRJ but I don't remember exactly what.
will maybe the RJ was NOT cleared into the gate duh
Don't feel bad. It's up to like 8 duplicates now.
Interesting; the story says the Eagle was headed toward gate g20 and that the cargo plane was headed to Anchorage AK. Your link to the tribune says the Eagle had arrived at the gate and the EVA had just arrived from AK. I'll take the tribune.lol. Funny how 2 people can look at the same thing and see something totally different.LOL Just FYI: on the video from your link it does look like the Eagle was at the gate.
Does that mean two wrongs make a right? A car runs a red light in front of you and you don't slam on the brakes and hit him because he's wrong and you're right. Duh!
My father was an AMT for eagle back then working out of ALB, I remember him going down there to work on that ATR, lots of OT that wk lol
I watched the video and the RJ was clearly at least 1 1/2 plane lengths from the "jetway". The seat belt sign wasn't even close to being turned off. I've never flown a 74 so I don't know what the visual range is from the right seat, but I suspect the cockpit crew was distracted with checklists rather than driving the aircraft.
Yes, it was a CRJ. I think it might have been a -700 but the video is poor that shows the actual event.
Ah, the old checklist phenomenon! Not that I ever called for a checklist at an inappropriate time. Me? No, never. Ha! Not very smart, Pete. Head up my ......
As I said above, the story posted here says one thing and the updated link something else. One says they were at the gate and the SB sign about to go off. The other says they deplaned. I'm kinda like you, both videos show him off the gate, either just ducking out of the way or holding short for final parking. At any rate it says all deplaned. Even the tribune says they walked off and to the gate. Probaly the pilot's call right there to get them off the plane as a precaution. Tower probably thought he was in the clear and if he had been, there would have been no problem. Not that familiar with O'Hare but as busy and congested as it is, easy mistake.
Don't beat yourself up Pete. We've all been there.LOL. Just be glad you had somebody that would listen. Flying 135, my right seat guy was more permanent, and he'd just look at me with that "you gotta be kiddin' look.LOL
Yuo only need to look at the last frame of the video to see where they were at impact. The CRJ was 1 1/2 lengths from the jet way and no where near turning off the seat belt sign. It matters little what was said by whom when you have the picture in front of you showing the wing tangled with the vertical stabilizer.
Yep, had the same FO for a long time and he would just say "ready"? and begin. That way, I never forgot to call for it. It helps to be a team. Unfortunately, big airline crews sometimes fly together once in a career. You have no idea who this pilot next to you is.
Well,you know it wasn't that long ago when crews flew together for awhile.I had a lot of friends that would talk at times what a good(or sorry)Captain they had, and Captains speaking the same about them. I guess that was good and bad and probably a main reason CRM came into being. I knew a lot of guys that really looked down on their FO/FE and seemed to forget they were there themslves once. I agree with you on wondering about the guy next to you. You have to assume he is qualified but unless you fly together for awhile you don't really get to know them. The guy that has my old seat now flew my right side for about 13 years, until I retired and he moved over, but the folks that owned the thing liked having 2 fully qualified folks up front. He did 5 years in our King Air before he moved into our 57. That's the type of guy you can rely on.
Is that where the term 'Clipper' jet comes from?
I quote the video "the EVA 747 clipped the 'rudder' of the American Eagle. Folks, no matter what transport mode TV and print media cover, they have a huge tendancy to make up what they don't know, instead of doing a bit of research. Some of the clips I have over the years are just laughable. Rudder? First time I have heard a tail being called a rudder.
I wonder how many neck braces got put on a nanosecond after the two made contact?
Dude, this incident has been squawked like 18 times already.
You do realize that the airplane's rudder is on the tail, right? That part that moves on the back half of the tail? Yeah, that's the rudder...
yeah, it is.lol. C'mon Ken, you can beat that.lol
You must be very young. I've heard it referred to as the tail, vertical stabilizer, rudder, and more. Why nitpick a story clearly reported by a non aviation news reader. I've never heard the term all clear used just prior to deplaning either, but I got the jist of his report.
He ain't that young, Mark.LOL
Roger that. If I get nasty they turn off their receivers. :-)
Oharawif -3
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Cargo Plane clips regional jet at ORD

Breaking story, information coming in now. A 747 Cargo plane clipped a regional AA jet. No injuries. Occurred on Taxiway.

Information to follow.

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747 clips commuter jet on O'Hare runway

A minor collision spotlights the dangers of taxiing and why passengers are told to keep seat belts on.

(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

2 Planes Clip Wings at O'hare Airport

An Eva Air Cargo Flight 661 clipped wings with an American Eagle flight 4265 Embraer E140 from Springfield Mo. while pulling into Gate G20.

(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

China bound 747 taxiway incursion at O'Hare

A 747-400 Cargo jet on taxi clipped the horizontal stabilizer of an American Eagle regional jet which was parked awaiting a gate. No injuries reported

(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Two planes collide at KORD

At about 1 p.m. Wednesday, American Eagle 4265 from Springfield, Mo., was going to a gate at O’Hare when its tail was clipped by a 747 operated by EVA Air, which is a cargo carrier, an American Airlines spokeswoman said.

All passengers appear to be safe. Eighteen passengers were aboard the Eagle airplane, which had a crew of three. No injuries were reported.

The aircraft damage is still being assessed.

If you are on this plane and have any photos or videos, please upload them to our Facebook page or call the WGN-TV Assignment Desk at 773-883-3203.

More details to come.

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747 cargo jet clips American Eagle

The 18 passengers and three crew members aboard the American airplane and the three crew members on the 747 were checked as a precaution but there were no injuries, according to Larry Langford, a spokesman for the Chicago Fire Department.

The accident happened around 1 p.m. on a taxiway, officials said. American Eagle Flight 4265, an Embrear 140 had arrived from Springfield, Mo. and was headed to Gate G20 at Terminal 3, according to American Airlines Spokeswoman Mary Frances Fagan and Aviation Department officials.
EVA Flight 661 was on a taxiway and had arrived from Anchorage, Alaska when its wing clipped the rudder of the American Eagle plane, according to Karen Pride, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Department of Aviation.

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747 clipped tail of regional jet at ORD

A EVA Cargo 747 clipped the tail of American Eagle flight 4265.

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Boeing 747 Clips Tail of American Eagle Regional Jet in Chicago

A Boeing 747 belonging to Eva Air Cargo clipped the tail of an American Eagle Embraer E140 at Chicago O'Hare.

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747 clips E135 at O'Hare

Passengers were evacuated from an American Eagle commuter jet after its tail was clipped by the right wing of a Boeing 747 cargo plane at O'Hare International Airport this afternoon, officials said.

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Raw Video: Planes After a Minor Collision at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

A raw video of planes after they collided at Chicago O'Hare International Airport.

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Planes Clip Wings at O'hare

Two planes clipped wings at Chicago O'hare International Airport at about 1:20