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Accredited news outlets and members of the media may reproduce or redistribute FlightAware content, images, maps, and other data according to the following citation requirements:

  1. FlightAware should not be cited in any reporting that relates to political topics or political figures. Please simply refer to "flight tracking records" or "a flight tracking resource."
  2. For all other topics, please cite FlightAware as described below.

    Television, newspaper, magazine, etc.

    Courtesy of FlightAware (

    Internet publications

    <i>Courtesy of <a href="">FlightAware</a></i>

    Radio, podcast, etc.

    "Directly from FlightAware dot com"
    (please pronounce "FlightAware" as one word with no pause or hesitation between "Flight" and "Aware")

To notify of reproduction or for more information or assistance, please contact us.

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