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Boeing KC-135T Stratotanker (62-3557)


At two minutes before straight-up high noon yesterday (11:58 AM, Nov 9, 2018), this KC-135R Stratotanker (623557) is snapped on the climb away from Reno-Tahoe International's runway 16R as it is coming level with my spotting position at the top of Rattlesnake Mountain. Formerly assigned to the 916th ARW at Seymour-Johnson AFB, there is no longer a tail flash and I was unable to determine its current unit assignment.


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
A heavy military metal day at RNO yesterday. A 35 minute climb in the pitch dark before dawn got me to the top of Rattlesnake at 5:55 AM (temp 17 degrees under a clear and starry night sky) where I spent the next 7 hours getting great clicks. In addition to all the pax and cargo activity, there were several military aircraft visitors. Aircraft from the Air Force, Navy (a P-8), and Marine Corps all came past my location which made the discomfort of some freezing fingers and toes quite endurable (lol). And to all AD military, veterans, and their spouses ... Stand tall and be proud. Thank you for your courage and your sacrifice. (Wave)
Great shot, Gary!
Thanks Gary for a wonderful shot of this classic. She rolled off the line when JFK was in the White House and I was in short pants...that tells you everything about the engineering that went into her design.
Uwe Zinke
excellent shot Gary11
Viv Pike
Absolutely fantastic snap, Gary - and I salute your dedication and determination as a "professional" spotter. And I use the word "professional" knowing that it is a hobby and passion for you, and not a "job". A full 5 for the snap, and another 5 for effort.
I especially like the catch of the large house or whatever in the background high on the hill !
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Greg, Chris, Uwe, Viv, and BigK400 .... Howdy and Thanks to all. (Wave) Chris ... (Grin) I was 12 and rode my bike to deliver papers on my paper route each afternoon. Now I'm 68 and retired. That's 56 years this old bird has been hauling flammable liquid thru the skies. I'm agreeing with you 100 percent. She was designed to last ... and she sure has. -Wave- Uwe ... Borrowed a lens from a fellow spotting friend and it brought me this neat closeup. Thank you for the compliment, my friend. And I will be sending you a message from a new email address. You will know it is me when you see it. Hi, Viv ... Your comment (along with one I just now saw from FA member Peterjp under another of my pics) is truly, truly appreciated. This is indeed just a hobby, and I am passionate about it, but I make no claim to be a professional photographer; so for you, a long-respected FA member and highly knowledgeable gallery participant, to use that word to describe my passion for my hobby is a wonderful compliment, and I am honored beyond words to know you view my efforts at such a level. The phrase Thank You seems terribly paltry after receiving such a kind compliment, so please know it is offered with my deepest gratitude. If you are interested, I would like to extend an invite to receive other occasional aircraft (and aviation) related pictures. I assure you they are either equal or superior in quality to those you see in my FA folder. If you are interested, please reply to OldeCarl@gmail.com and, in turn, you will receive a reply from a different em address that you will definitely know is from me. Either way, Viv, I thank you for your very kind comment. BigK400 ... I tried researching it. Thus far, my research has revealed nothing more about it other than it is indeed just someone's big house. (Grin) Someone with plenty of $$.
Viv Pike
Gary, you are most welcome, and please know that all your snaps are appreciated indeed. Thank you very much for your kind invitation, I feel honored that you would extend that offer to me. I have sent you a mail. Thank you very much, Sir !!
That is a good lens.
The depth of field indicates a small aperture/long f-stop but there is no movement blurring (even in the jet exhaust) so it was a fast camera.
The busy background is perfect for showing up the jet wash: just look at the way it is curved downwards beyond the wings. For a 'still', there is a lot of action here: this old bird has a full tummy and she is out of there!
It would be interesting to know how many engines have hung on that Boeing airframe over the years.
Leon Kay
Thank you for a great photo and informative comment.
Beautiful shot of a hard working beautiful lady.
ken kemper
Awesome Image Gary..............

well done
William Lane
Very, very nice photo. It first flew about the same year my uncle joined the Air Force. (I am the same vintage as you :-)) Flew many years flying the boom on these birds. Wonderful stories about refueling the SR-71. This pict certainly worth your efforts. You should submit to Aviation Week yearly contest. Isn't the R the one that set several time to altitude records?
62-3557 is now assigned to the 328th ARS.
62-3557 is now assigned to the 328th ARS.
Love it! My best spotting memories. are with you atop Rattlesnake freezing along with the rattlesnakes that I hoped were in hibernation. If you would have pointed the camera lower, you would have seen me on Turbo Circle photographing the tanker and"Poseidon". My pics had no context and were just another airplane. Keep the great pics coming. At eighty years old, I still hang on the fence.
Doug Zalud
Looks sharp enough to shave with. Great shot!
Tom Vance
Now there is a Calendar shot! 5x*****!
Wow! Just saw this shot now, 10/10! Absolutely incredible photo!
Very nice!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
** !!! Gary M ... Call me!! Right now it is 7 PM on Friday night. Absolutely imperative you charge up your camera batteries and call me within the next 24 hours!! After 24 hours, it will be too late. Call me!!!
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