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BOEING 737-300 (TRAFFIC) - Typical Atlanta traffic, with JT8Ds dominating and the occasional regional jet. Sadly, in a few years, the JT8Ds will start to become far and few between. Ironically, in the foreground is a SW 737-300, which has already been retired (this photo is a year old).
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Typical Atlanta traffic, with JT8Ds dominating and the occasional regional jet. Sadly, in a few years, the JT8Ds will start to become far and few between. Ironically, in the foreground is a SW 737-300, which has already been retired (this photo is a year old).


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Vern Schulze
Discontinuance of the JT8D can't happen soon enough. The noisy and inefficient engine is severely outdated.Those of us that live near commercial airports hope to see them disappear sooner than later.
Lewis Tripp
Most likely, the airport was there before you were. You built or bought there and now you complain about noise. Thats funny.
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Vern- I live near a commercial airport that is regularly served by aircraft with JT8Ds, and I love the roar of their engines. The JT8D-wielding MD-80 series is one of the last of a nearly extinct breed of loud aircraft, and since loud aircraft are becoming more and more rare, I learn to appreciate older aircraft (and engines) while they are still around. That is just my opinon. You can have yours as well.
Spot on about all the whining about aircraft noise near your house. Anyone who bought or built a house and then experienced the horror of having an airport built near it after the fact please raise your hand. Mmmm , , , no one, huh? Move or shut your buy-on-board hole.
Wow! Lewis & Isaac, Thumbs Up and Bravos to each of you. And Gail, a hundred Bravos! You ought to live around here. The Reno airport has been in the very same location for (almost) a century. Nothing around it. In the 60s, it entered the commercial jet age. Also, for the past five decades, US military fighter jets and all other varieties of military a/c coming and going. Still plenty of open ground north, east, and south of the airport. Now, in the past 10 (or so) years, a monster influx of new residents. Developers building homes on every square inch of bare land. Folks buying them - sight unseen - while the homes are still under construction - nowhere near being finished. As soon as the place is finished, the buyers zoom here and move in. And then, when they arrive in their Ryder or Hertz moving trucks for their very first look at their new neighborhood, some discover - there is an airport not very far south (or north) of their brand new home. And Oh My! "It's so noisy!" "We didn't know there was an airport!" "Can't it be moved?" "Can it close at 7 PM and reopen at 9 AM?" "I'm having trauma." "My six-day-old baby is having trauma. Shouldn't the airport pay for counseling?" "Why did Reno put its airport HERE?" "The developer did not soundproof my home. Can I sue the airport? Shouldn't the airport have to install soundproofing in my home?" (PS - In some instances, it actually DID!) "Reno needs to have more airline service and more airlines because we should have more convenience AND the planes must be big jets because big jets fly fast, BUT Reno needs to move its airport away from my home and put it near someone else's but not TOO far because I want it to be convenient because I just moved here and jets are loud and I wasn't told there was an airport." And my personal favorite - NOT made up, I swear - "Well, we looked at it on Google Earth and the airport did not look so close then." And on and on. Gail -- I love ya, ma'am! If you (or Isaac or Lewis) ever decide to drop in for a visit here in my turf, lunch is on me
Gary - well stated!!!

My youngest son lives close to one of the approach paths to the largest commercial/military airport in my home state. He and I both enjoy watching the aircraft flying overhead... both commercial and military jets!
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Wow Gary and Gail, you guys have showed me that I am not the only person in the world who wants to live closer rather than farther from the airport :)
Sorry Vern, not a lot of sympathy here. A high density of airplane lovers here. I used to drive 12 miles just to stand under the departure path of Carswell 36 to listen to the symphony of 8 J57-P-43WBs on a loaded B-52F! JT8Ds are wimpy.
Yup, we hear the same kind of stuff going on in Tucson. Apparently the fact that there is a huge air force base (KDMA) there (and has been for a long time) with airplanes that make noise came as a big surprise to a lot of folks. So, now the Air Force needs to "do something about it." During one tour in Germany I lived almost directly under the final approach to Ramstein AFB, and I loved it! It was great seeing all those birds coming in. Anyway, not a lot of sympathy from me, either. ;-)
Mark Henley
"not a lot of sympathy?".... How about NO sympathy!
As Gail said, all of you that had an airport built by you after you built and moved in -- you have permission to discuss what might could be done. The rest of you -- shut up or move.
Joe Laureano
I've lived near various airportsa good part of my life... I used to live along the approaches to Moffet Field (KNUQ) during it's P3 Orion heyday... Indianapolis (KIND)... and Fort Wayne (KFWA).... I also lived near Wright Patt AFB (KFFO) and now live along the approach to Akron-Canton (KCAK)... The only thing that "rattles" me is when our locally based Chinook (CH-47) is approaching... It makes the whole house rumble...
Wow really cool!
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Thank you A F!
What a cool shot of this line up! I love how all of the engines are sort of "infinite"...
Leon Kay
Thanks for a great photo.
We live near an airport. Johannesburg International is about 35km away and we enjoy listening to and identifying the different flights arriving and departing. In the evenings we know that it is time to prepare to go to bed when Delta DL201 passes overhead. Early morning my wife and I know that it is time for our quiet time, before getting out of bed when the Abu Dhabi flight arrives.
Isaac VogelzangPhoto Uploader
Thank you Leon and Marylou!
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