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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (61-1006) - Landing on Runway 27 at RAF Fairford . One of the BUFFs on detachment from Barksdale.
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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress (61-1006)


Landing on Runway 27 at RAF Fairford . One of the BUFFs on detachment from Barksdale.


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Bill A
I supported B-52s back in the 60s at Loring. Just curious -- What model are they on now?
Bill, I could be wrong but I think there at the B-52H( please correct if im wrong) and that GE is about to reengine them. What airframe did you fly while you were in Vietnam?
Bill A
Joan: Thanks for the info. I wasn't a pilot -- only provided logistics support for that great bird.
Bill, that is still truly amazing! Thank You for your service!
bob reeves
I played with these fantastic airplanes in Minot North Dakota
Tomer Ariav
Are the wings shorter and the engines bigger?
Joan/Bill -
Yes, this is the 'H' model. Flew on these in Minot and 'G' models in Fairchild (Spokane). Tough planes at almost 60 years old and still going. Boeing builds a great plane.
Tomer -
Wings are the same size, and yes, the engines on the 'H' models are bigger (P&W turbofans TF-33 w/17,000 lbs thrust). The 'G' models used P&W J57 engines at 13,500 lbs thrust with water injection (think about that one...). Having flown in both, the 'H' was the sports car model.
I sometime have seen the B-52 on its approach to Fairford when in Minety, Royal Wootton Bassett and what was the old Kemble Airfield; makes for an impressive sight
It is so good to hear the B-52 is still being used! A powerful plane indeed!
David Mursch
Supported BUFFs on Guam in the mid-80s. Converted from D's to H's, four on alert to two. Every month a certain number of alerts had to go to the runway. If they actually launched we knew were at war. EVERYONE paid attention when the alert birds took the runway. Flew a KC-135 to Darwin and back for an exercise. Was in the refueler's observation spot on the way back as we did hook-ups beginning late afternoon into the night. Also spotted a Buff in Nebraska one afternoon doing an oilburner route, less than 500 feet AGL across the highway. As a kid in the mid 50's outside Wright Patterson AFB, OH, watched B-52 flight test where they deployed the drogue chutes in flight. One morning as I sat in the farmyard one came over at just above the treetops. At that height it really filled the sky! Also in OH, remember the sound of B-36's passing over at high altitude. A thrumming that lasted a half hour, and that caused the house to vibrate as they passed overhead.
Logged 3000+ hours in the G model as a navigator & radar navigator (SACspeak for bombardier) at Barkdsdale and Wurtsmith. Went from carrying the old Hound Dog missile to ALCMs & SRAMs (early '70s to late 80s) and "won" the Cold War. Training missions could be long and exhausting. Sometimes 9-10 hrs long. Night low level runs (especially in mountainous terrain) were intense. My father flew the B52 as a pilot in the late 50s. The BUFF is truly a beast that seems will never die!
Bror Monberg
David Mursch...Enjoyed your recollections, esp sounds of the B-36 in the sky over Ohio. Thanks for the history!
Pat Leeds
the late 1950's stationed at Travis AFB as a Loadmaster om Boeing C-97s and Douglas C-133's. Witnessed many take offs' and landings of the B-36 and the new B-52s. No matter how many times I witnessed these big birds in operation I was impressed and wished I was in SAC instead of MATS.
Great pic, and nice perspective!
ron serafin
Still a great looking plane
I have a soft spot in my heart for the BUFF considering I (as well as my brother) were born at Plattsburgh (now closed) and my sis was born at Barksdale. To see planes made before I was born still flying is awesome. Great shot.
I think it was 1975 when I parked the car at the end of the runway at SAC Rome to be totally blown away at this flying monster. It was doing touch and goes. My four children loved it...the oldest joined the AF...must have been the good vibrations.
lynn willett
Many years ago an early model B-52 provided my most vulnerable flying experience. I landed at La Junta, CO (KLHX) in a 150 hp Stinson Voyager with my Wife and daughters for fuel. After fueling, I went to the Flight Service Center on the field for a briefing. The briefer said, "on departure climb as rapidly as possible as we have B-52s inbound for 600 ft AGL simulated bombing runs over the airport." Departure climb was not rapid with full fuel and 4 on board. Then we spotted two columns of black smoke on the horizon and a "shark tail" between. The B-52 was a high speed monster as it passed below our slow moving Stinson. We had adequate clearance, but that was hard to judge as it approached. It was a most memorable flying experience for the whole family.
now that is an awesome photo
awesome pic!!!
Where's General Turgidson, and General Ripper? And Major Kong!

I don't think I've ever seen one in person, which is incredible having seen so many military planes. The plane to end all wars. It just upped the ante on wars, and made them easier to keep your hands clean.
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