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Douglas AD Skyraider (N65164)


Cavanaugh Flight Museums EA-1E during the Vietnam rescue reenactment at the 2018 Dyess Big Country Air & Space Expo. Earlier this airshow season this bird had Navy on the fuselage, she now reads USAF. I wonder if there was done since this show was on a USAF base or is part of future plans to fully repaint this Spad in USAF colors? (please view in "Full" for best image quality)


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The design and number type are proper of Navy planes, and the tailhook gave it all away.
Joe Baugher's excellent information offers some history and commentary on this aircraft, which entered US Navy service as BuNo 135152...

"135152 (MSN 10229) reported 1975 stored at NAS Memphis, TN. Later on civilian registry as N37AM, later as N65164. Airworthy with Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, Texas".

He adds this additional information...

BuNo's "135139/135222" were built as a "Douglas AD-5W Skyraider, MSN 10216/10299. Four-seat AEW version. Redesignated EA-1E in 1962."

According to the FAA registry, N65164 was manufactured in 1955.

More on this Skyraider can be found here...
Larry Horton
Loved this plane. Talk about solid! You could walk out on the wing and sit and it would not flex. Armor around the cockpit was unbelievable. The air force version flew support for dust off missions in Southeast Asia. Don't think they lost one.
Garrett Heller Photo Uploader
Thank you for the kind words everyone! Larry sadly many USAF Skyraiders were lost of Southeast Asia, according to 104 USAF Spad crewmen were killed in combat and according to Wikipedia (not the most reliable source I know) 150 Skyraiders were downed in combat and 191 total were lost (USAF only mind you) during the war. Truly heroes that flew these birds, both USAF and USN
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