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Embraer Expects Marriage With Boeing To Succeed Pending Politics

MIAMI — Embraer’s CEO, Paulo Cesar, revealed that he expects his company to find a partnership with the North American manufacturer, Boeing, who’s been looking to seize some lost ground after Airbus put its hands on Bombardier’s CSeries program. (airwaysmag.com) 기타...

Southwest Boeing 737-700 near Orlando on Feb 21st 2018, cracked windshield

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700, registration N470WN performing flight WN-6584 from Fort Lauderdale,FL to Nashville,TN (USA), was climbing through FL330 out of Fort Lauderdale when the windshield developed a crack prompting the crew to divert to Orlando,FL (USA), where the aircraft landed safely about 25 minutes later. A replacement Boeing 737-700 registration N917WN reached Nashville with a delay of 90 minutes. (www.aeroinside.com) 기타...

Kish Air Fokker 100 near Isfahan on Feb 22nd 2018, cracked windshield

A Kish Air Fokker 100, registration EP-LCQ performing flight Y9-7184 from Kish Island to Kashan (Iran), was enroute at FL340 about 80nm south of Isfahan (Iran) when the crew decided to divert to Isfahan after the windshield cracked. The aircraft landed safely in Isfahan about 25 minutes later. The aircraft had received a bird strike while climbing out of Kish's runway 27, the bird strike is believed to have caused the later windshield crack. (www.aeroinside.com) 기타...

Air India Airbus A320 at Nagpur on Feb 22nd 2018, bird strike

An Air India Airbus A320-200, registration VT-EXB performing flight AI-469 from Raipur to Nagpur (India) with 150 people on board, was on final approach to Nagpur's runway 32 when a bird impacted the right hand wing causing damage to the right hand flaps. The aircraft continued for a safe landing. The aircraft was unable to continue its schedule to Delhi. A replacement A321-200 registration VT-PPX positioned to Nagpur and reached Delhi with a delay of about 7 hours. (www.aeroinside.com) 기타...

Pobeda Boeing 737-800 at Cologne on Feb 17th 2018, hydraulic failure

A Pobeda Boeing 737-800, registration VQ-BTD performing flight DP-873 from St. Petersburg (Russia) to Cologne (Germany), was on final approach to Cologne's runway 14L descending through about 800 feet AGL when the crew received indication hydraulic system A had lost pressure. The crew continued for a safe landing. The aircraft was unable to perform the return flight due to a ruptured cylinder in the hydraulic system A. A replacement Boeing 737-800 registration VQ-BWG, assigned to perform the… (www.aeroinside.com) 기타...

Croatia Airlines De Havilland Dash 8 (400) at Brussels on Feb 22nd 2018, unsafe gear

A Croatia Airlines de Havilland Dash 8-400, registration 9A-CQF performing flight OU-4456 from Zagreb (Croatia) to Brussels (Belgium) with 58 people on board, was on final approach to Brussels' runway 07L when the crew went around due to an unsafe nose gear indication. The aircraft climbed to 4000 feet and entered a hold while the crew worked the related checklists and resolved the issue. The aircraft positioned for another approach to runway 07L and landed safely about 30 minutes after the go… (www.aeroinside.com) 기타...


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