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Nice! I always wondering how people got those type of pictures!
tuba 0
Outstanding, of course, but I thought that taking photos of airside operations was supposed to be a ticket to the hoosegow, here in DHS-protected America...

Jmumman 0
I've always loved long exposure photography
@ Ronnie Mc - they use a very long exposure, seeing the number of streaks i am thinking up to 10min
Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing
707pylot 0
Way cool. Thanks.
Actually photography itself isnt illegal. Authorities in some area discourage it in the name of security. Some places (LAX, LAS, PHX, DFW, etc) have dedicated areas where you can check out the airplanes in action.

The SFO shot is a stack of long exposures merged on top of each other to make one image. Very cool indeed.

The quality of the shots is absolutely fabulous. Wish i knew where in Millbrae this was cause I got there for photography once a year atleast. Love SFO.
KCLT has an airport observation area which people can hang out and watch the aircraft land and depart. I bring my scanner to listen to tower/aircraft comm.
Les Ede 0
fantastic photography....thanks for sharing...
I'm confused.. that looks like arrival traffic.. I don't believe we would be seeing the white landing lights on departure traffic.. Love the shot either way!!
Its a fnatastic shot,thanks for sharing.


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