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Airport inspectors pay own way amid FAA impasse

NEW YORK (AP) — Airport safety inspectors nationwide are working without pay and shouldering travel expenses themselves as the Federal Aviation Administration's budget crisis enters a second week, . . . ( 기타...

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David Sims 0
Why does the headline read about airport inspectors, but when I click on it, I wind up on a related story about the Senate?
Tim Bray 0
This is another example of our stupid Government at work. While all the airlines are no longer charging/collecting these taxes, they have jacked up their tickets to match or exceed the previous costs. That is where the problem is. The airlines were needing money. Please note the thousands of people laid off, or paying out of pocket without pay , to perform their jobs. WHat the heck you dumb congress Critters? THis is a blatant money scheme by the corporations to increase profit/income. THe story stated that the money was insignificant to what was being brought in as a result.


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