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NASA U-2 up for a flight

Just noticed NASA U2 out for a quick flight. ( 기타...

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Thanks - I'll be watching while I work.
FL60?! geez i wonder what his IAS is up there? cant be more than 150 knots
FA on the tracker shows it at 385 but that seems a little fast. Shows FL530. I remember in the past stationed in Tucson, HQ for the 100thSRW, which was thre base HQ when USAF was flying them; I was in global OPS and one had flame out over OKC. Don't know what the FL was but he was plenty high enough to make the glide in, and that's about 1200
lol that is awesome! glide 1200 miles.......saweet
thats amazing seeing the pattern work its doesnt over southern michican as well as kentucky/tennessee. What an amazing airplane at that altitude!
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I watch this bird out my office window @ KEFD, the NASA hanger is right nextstore, amazing machine!
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I saw coming in at KEFD yesterday afternoon. I thought it was a U2 but unsure until I read your posts. A good looking plane.
I don't know what they have now, but in the late 60's when USAF was flying them, they had no wing bogies and just a single main gear right down the center of the fuselage, one tire front, one in rear. They would manually attach bogies at hangar, then pilot would drop them once he had speed. Inbound was what was fun. ElCamino w/a 396 on centerline just before roll marks with a top notch driver and a U2 pilot and bogies in back on a rack to hook them from. Bird over the top, ElCamino on the go, pilot to pilot on wing position. ElCamino under one wing snapping bogie and backing out. Pilot bringing down that side, clearing main, ElCamino up and get the other side; U2 taxi to hangar. ElCamino follows with pilot talking side clearance, they load 2 more bogies and get ready for another. While not on the line or airborne, all Emergency vehicles were on standby as a recovery was in progress.
U-2 or TR-1????????
I do not know if NASA would use the TR-1//newer version
U-2 design for the layman is straight foward, and the TR-1 looks the same
with long tanks inbedded in the wings fuel, electronics ???, yet it is a modified U-2
Also the gear config for the TR-1 is the same as the U-2
i wonder which one was it
Both. TR-1 and U-2 are the same aircraft, just like the A-10 and the OA-10. NASA's ER-2 is a civvie U-2S.
Agree they are the same but there is obvious structrual diffrences specially in the wings
The shape of the wing does not differ. The superpods are removable, and there are dozens of photos online of NASA 806/706 online without the pods. The TR-1 designation was dropped almost 20 years ago, and all single-seat U-2R/S models are superpod capable now. If you're mixing up the U-2R/S/TR-1 with the older-generation U-2C (no longer in use), then you're absolutely right - different wings, but pretty much different everything as well.

@jcopalman - and I think that is where the difference is as you will note my experience in Tucson was, I guess with the U-2C as it was late 60's. As with everything else they have progressed and it is well that one did. They were a pain as the whole damn base came to a stop on takeoff/recovery. Of course it was a SAC base so they could do as they

Check this video clip from Top Gear. Along with the music, this is pretty breathtaking. I think this is as close that any one of us will get to going this far up. The lunch that James eats, is very gourmet, lol:) What i love about this clip and others like it, is the fact that when you are shown the earth from that far up, you don't see borders, governments or religions, just earth in all her glory and how peaceful it seems. Only if it were really like that. God forgive us all


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