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VIDEO: Virgin Blue aircraft has near-miss with remote-controlled toy plane

A remote-controlled toy aircraft got a little too close for comfort with the real thing last Friday, as it flew close to a Virgin Blue aircraft near Perth airport. The toy airplane, which if ingested would have presumably caused engine damage, had a video camera attached to the nose, meaning the whole remarkable incident was filmed and placed on YouTube, with Top Gun accompaniment. ( 기타...

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kmahoneyk 0
Jack Arse
davemac 0
Could be a fake?
loadfactor 0
I'm familiar with those airplanes, and it is not a toy. It's an RC Aircraft, designed for use by adults.
jaybow 0
It is a toy. Just because adults use them it's not a toy. Give me a break.
tamcvick 0
does stupidity have no bounds????
mwnorris 0
Faked Video!
chalet 0
C'on jerks, this is pure unadulterated BS. First of all the voices overheard have arather distinct Californian accent, not the heavy Aussie drawl, then the B737 crosses the screnn too fast, why, because whoever concocted this video did not want us to realize that this is a computer generated comic-strip type of thing. This never happened, just like that other "infamous" video of the flyoff between a Eurofighter and an Aston Martin race car. Got it, mate?


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