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FlightAware Changes Logo To Support Race for the Cure

FlightAware's Houston employees have formed a Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure team to support the fight against breast cancer. The logo is changing for a day and users can make online donations to the charitable team. Let's raise money for this great cause! ( 기타...

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Toby Sharp 0
very cool
Very well done, FA. Very VERY well done.
alistairm 0
I am all for it. Though, considering the demographics of this website, would it not be more fitting to support something like prostate cancer?
Karl Sieg 0
Exactly my thoughts.
Frankly, I'm a pink-ribboned out.
How about blue ribbons to support the fight against prostate cancer.
Most aviators are male. Not that it is a good thing, it just is.
And men are dying every day from prostate cancer.
Toby Sharp 0
@ know we all love boobies on here sir
alistairm 0
Mmmm, well, it's nearly 11pm EST, 10PM CST and the logo is back to normal. What happened to having the logo with the pink ribbon up all day?
It's based on your time zone in your user profile. If you're GMT, it went away a few hours ago, although started hours earlier.

If you're looking to donate and can't find the link:
alistairm 0
I am EST and if you guys are in Texas, you would be CST. Therefore, the logo was not up all day.
Just looked...the FlightAware pink ribbon logo to users in the US (and only those who use the site in English).
I am afraid I missed your pink ribbon logo. There is so much emphasis on breast cancer these days and I applaud the efforts being used to beat the disease. My wife suffered from breast cancer and eventually beat it by having a double mastectomy. 20 Years later she contracted ovarian cancer which was not treatable. Ovarian cancer is very hard to detect and is very prevalent after menopause. It's symbol is a green ribbon. Well done Flight Aware for helping any cause concerned with cancer.
Thanks for your support. You can actually check out what the logo looked like with this special URL:
Very cool!
I posted this earlier, but have not seen it here. Komen foundation is a proud financial supporter of Planned Parenthood. PP is primarily an abortion provider. Abortion interrupts pregnancy when a cascade of hormones are causing proliferation of breast tissue in preparation for lactation. That interruption has been shown to be prognostic of breast cancer down the road. It is an unfortunate but accurate correlation, downplayed, I believe, because of cultural and financial considerations. A serious disservice to women. There are better ways to support breast cancer research. Breast Cancer research receives more publicity and funding than several more common cancers -- colon cancer being a good case in point.

Sue Freivald RN MSN


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