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Odd vandalism on SWA B737s

Federal agencies were working with Southwest Airlines on Thursday to determine who has been vandalizing their aircraft with mysterious markings. The writings — which some have interpreted as being either Arabic or Arabic-type symbols — appeared to have been done with a chemical process that reveals the text once an auxiliary power unit is turned on and heats up the outside skin of the aircraft. ( More...

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Jmumman 0
Arabic? looks more like a banana to me
Joe Serdynski 0
Yes, we have truely gone insane . . .
euronorb 0
The "Religion of peace" strikes again ?
dbaker 0
Are there pictures anywhere?
Chris Bryant 0
Interesting. Either there are ramp crews screwing around, or SWA security has been compromised by the hiring of dangerous personnel, or airport security has been compromised.
The latter two are the scary ones. Hopefully it's just the first scenario and some people will be fired and fined.
Joe Serdynski 0
It's the poor slob wiping the exhaust soot away with something he found in the cleaning cabinet . . . I'm quite sure someone at SWA/TSA/DEA/DAR/VFW/TEA/NJA and YGTBK can read Arabic . . .
alistairm 0
It's Either Arabic or it isn't. I don't think it would be to hard for the "federal agencies" involved to find a person who can read Arabic. if it is not actaully Arabic, then most likely someone is messing about.
kldfligtrrt 0
could this be the employee's trying to keep the merger from going thru. little strange only Southwest
Jim Kerr 0
This is just down-right stupid. Woudl they be in such a tizzy if it were writings in French or Japanese?
Kira Andreola 0
Are they positive it IS Arabic? The video didn't give a real definitive view. Are there any better pictures floating around out there?
99NY 0
I like the "which some have interpreted as being either Arabic or Arabic-type symbols" line. Who's the some? Arabic is a pretty wispy and scribbly looking written language, perhaps it could just be a half-@$$ed attempt at plane cleaning. Or maybe it was simply english writing, but in the the dreaded cursive nobody seems to be able to read anymore.
canuck44 0
This appears only when the APU is running? Probably says "Bags Fly Free" in handwriting as bad as mine. Time better spent checking out the Famous Playboy Girls Photo Gallery link in the same page.
Troy Raiteri 0
Could be some punk trying to screw with us. But also could be a warning sign who knows for sure. Let's hope it's only a punk screwing around not saying I'm worried just pointing out.
Robert Fleming 0
To be honest I couldn't even see the "markings" in question...on any of the aircraft in that video
sstuff 0
. . . perhaps because the APU wasn't running?
Brian McNeil 0
Here is proof that security on the tarmac or employee screenings need a vast and quick 180 degree improvement.
dmanuel 0
I think it says "Wash Me"
It's simple: They want to kill us.
James Scarff 0
This has all the "markings" of a manufactured non-story. As some of our posters have noted, if it's Arabic then bloody well get someone to read it. Enough of this "could be" stuff. If it's illegible to an Arabic reader then we're moving into the Jesus-on-a-taco category.
Victor Engel 0
alistairm 0
I am trembling in my boots now that i have seen those terrifying pictures!! Another example of paranoid USA!!
conmanflyer 0
looks like an engine nacelle to me...


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