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Lawsuit: Obama visit caused $676K in airport damage

President Barack Obama's entourage for a 2010 visit to Massachusetts caused $676,048 in damage to Marlborough Airport — and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has refused to compensate the company that runs the field, a suit filed Tuesday in U.S. District Court alleges. ( 기타...

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What would Sheriff Andy Taylor and Deputy Barney Fife do if this happened at the Mayberry Airport? Sounds like a job for Otis Campbell. He would take care of the problem appropriately. Gaaulee!
himat 0
You forgot old Goober in your fabulous comment
Well, they asked but the article didn't say how quick after the visit. A year and a half on the lawsuit is a stretch.
How do they come up with a figure for the damages? Seems to me that would be to conduct the repair. The figure was pretty precise. Does a year and a half seem excessive to do the repair?
canuck44 0
One of the early articles on this indicate the damage was not to grass but to the runway and taxiways where a deep groove in the asphalt was left sufficient to cause substantial damage to the gear on light aircraft. The early estimates to repair the damage were considerably less so it would be interesting to see the breakdown of the costs.
We should feel sorry not just for the guy and his wife that own the place but for the taxpayer that funded six helos and an assortment of back up vehicles including a foam truck, armoured limos etc.
99NY 0
Sounds like Malborough needed a new runway and has found a pretty lame way to pay for it.
chalet 0
Hands down the GOP (great old punks) got to be behind this trying to descredit President Obama anyway they can but this is going to backfire for one, besides with the lineup of candidates we see now, Obama is going to get reelected.
Chalet, old friend, I hate to agree with you on this, but if something don't change and fast, it may very well happen. Sad part is, ain't nothing meaningful for the country going to get done now by either party. All we will see are stop gaps and splashes/appeasements until the election as everybody is in campaign mode now
Just borrow more money from China. HAHAHA
chalet 0
@ Wayne I could not agree with you more but one thing is to express a dissatisfaction with the current administration, and there is plenty of reasons, and quite another to scavenge for the most silly excuses to throw mud at it.
@Chalet: you are quite correct as far as the dissatisfaction right now and the sad part of it all is that nobody in either party seems to have enough correct answers to suit everybody or even a simple majority right now. 2012 is going to be real interesting, if we can make it that
Bill his re-election campain fund,If,it was mainly supporters. Or, send th bill to the identifiable protesting groups. They have a right to free speech but not to tear up the place. Why should the tax payer of either the Federal or the State Governments get stuck with another bill.
Going no where here folks.
Sounds like some real expensive grass to me... just sayin'.
My reading of the article was that the grass damage was additional to what was in the figure. Implied is that the amount to repair the grass was not included. Did I miss something?
Its a shame a Florida girl cannot be on this Mass jury. The money it costs local govt everytime the President or VP comes to town is crazy, not to mention its always done at rushhour negatively effecting the folks trying to get to work on time. Another hit in our pocketbook.
smsatgnv 0
VIP visits are costly to airports and to local governments that need to provide motorcades, traffic management, crowd control, etc., and not just on "day of" the event but for the planning meetings prior to the visit.

wwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh waaaaaaaaahhhh
it sounds like the president shoul pay for everything from the jet fuel to local city,county and state police and any damages that are done he should pey for that also


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