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AEA Testifies Over GPS Interference By Lightsquared High Speed Wireless Network

Tim Taylor, president and CEO of FreeFlight Systems, testified on Capitol Hill on behalf of the Aircraft Electronics Association to a national television audience carried live by C-SPAN3. FreeFlight Systems, is an AEA member. Located in Waco, Texas, FreeFlight Systems is a manufacturer of professional grade avionics for commercial and ( 기타...

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canuck44 0
Follow the money! Just like the loans to the various "green" energy companies, there will be a movement to push this out the door before the next election after which there will be little likelihood of getting approval. The FCC is in the tank for this and cannot be assumed to adopt the right course so we have to rely on Congress to protect the spectrum. The investors stand to make upwards of $10 Billion so expect lots of donations to the Administration in hopes of an early decision.
A M 0
Give it a break


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