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F-16’s Escort Aircraft To Centennial Airport

Two F-16 fighter aircraft under the direction of North American Aerospace Defense Command intercepted a civilian aircraft that was out of radio communications today at approximately 5 p.m. MDT. The plane is a private aircraft from the Cleveland area. ( More...

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8literbeater 1
Don't believe anything that you see/hear on mainstream news.
Thomas Skubal 0
This news report indicates departure as Chicago. Can the press get the details correct? Further there is no indication that this was an IFR or VFR flight. I would have to assume that it was an IFR flight due to length of flight only. There is no information on type of airplane.
Thomas Skubal 0
I believe this is the flight -
preacher1 0
Well, I guess everybody is gunshy after the 737/Cirrus deal down South.
Ronald Padgett 0
Training exercise for the F-16's.
Arthur Wohlers 0
Latest: Looks like the FBI is saying controller error according to AP:

"The aircraft landed at Centennial Airport without incident. The pilot was met by local authorities for questioning after landing.

FBI spokesman Dave Joly says the incident has been deemed a miscommunication because the pilot was not provided the proper frequency to use after leaving the Chicago airport. "
Dennis Florian 0
So lost com procedures are now followed with F16 escorts? Guess I missed that section in the FARs. Pilots are trained and have very clear guidance on what to do when they are unable to communicate with ATC. Unless I'm missing something or those pilots SQUAWKED the wrong transponder code, I'm not sure what value having 2 F16 fighter aircraft escort a private aircraft with NO GUNS or MISSLES proves.
Totally Agree!
EliteAirInc 0
Agreed! It's a false sense of security.
Patrick Harris 0
One of the fighters,unarmed, that scrambled during 9-11 said they were prepared to take down a plane by crashing into it. A highlly unlikely scenario but still an option for an unarmed fighter.
ron stewart 0
I like the idea of a training run for the F16's - how do we slow this jet to 200 knots and look tough at the same time-shame on the watch commander that called that one!! And as so many have said so much for the FAR's
Thomas Skubal 0
i don't mean to bust anyone's chops, did I miss an article or post that this incident was confirmed to be a training exercise?
Back in the day....waaaaay back in the day, I saw 2 F106 Delta Wing Fighters out of 147 TANG, EFD slow down and provide escort, side by side with a Cessna 150 busting the ADIZ. They looked like they were hanging in the air at a 45 deg angle. So I was told by the pilot of the 150, uh huh.
Joe River 0
The Controller is the one to blame here. They want to exercise brutal force on an unarmed aircraft. Let me say that the main terrorist is the US federal government. It wants to take out the freedom. Lets have a civil war then. against the tyrant that curtails our freedom , reads your email with out probable cause.

Let me give you my bad taste with ATC. Similar situation happened to me Jul 4th 2022 over Memphis TN. I was on a C-150 with radar services and in communication with MEM ATRCC and they dispatched a F16 to intercept my aircraft. The F-16 attempted to down my aircraft by him flying extremely close to my harmless aircraft. He has MN Air national Gard ID. I offer a reward to whom bring this man to me for justice. Memphis ATCC declined to provide the Punk that attempted against my life. So with this said ATCC, ATC is not your friend. MEM could have requested me to land on the closest airport.

Respectfully to you all out there.

Poor Joe River...if you were as "articulate" on the radio as you are in your post, I am not surprised you were taken as a possible bogey. You must have done something Joe, to warrant a close look see by an F-16 or is it a case that the controllers just discriminate against dunder heads like you who can't express a cogent thought or string two sentences together? How did you get a pilot's license without knowing it is ARTCC, Air Route Traffic Control Center? Let's have a civil war??? Against whom, us against you and meatheads like you? Please, voluntarily turn in a license to fly if you have one, and spare us all.
Joe River 0
Mr. Ferguson. You can turn in your licence too meathead. Some ATC guys are prejudice and maybe racist like you.
Nicholas Moss 0
Well, now I gues we know how it's going to be in "2022."
Poor Joe River, as articulate as ever. The way you spell, you must be a product of the vaunted Atlanta public school system. But to say that would be presumptious of me, wouldn't it? So now ATC and I are racist? Interesting, nowhere do I see in any of the posts, except yours, any mention of race. Hmmm, a little defensive, aren't you Joe. My comments have been based upon your obvious lack of education but you turn it into a question of racism. That must be the only defense you have ever had in life that allows you to maintain your poor victim mentality. Boo hoo
Totally Agree.
Guess he never heard of FSS for a frequency for local ATC.
PilotEricB 0
Totally bogus. I just flew a Learjet from MDW to APA, exact same route of flight. It's just over a 2 hour flight with today's winds. You mean to tell me that in 2 hours, the pilot couldn't figure out how to call FSS or use 121.5 to obtain a valid frequency. miscommunications and misheard frequencies happen dozens if not hundreds of times every day. But if a pilot can't get his s**t together after maybe 5 minutes of trying to call on a dead frequency, then he deserves to have an F-16 on his wing. Stick him with the bill, too.
Kingair31 0
Dennis, The pilot may have forgot his lost com procedures. I agree 100% of what you are saying; however, how many pilots know what to do if they lost communications in controlled airspace? The fact remains that many flying right now would be completely lost and probably panic.....
If this story is accurate and it was a 3 hour flight, then that pilot needs to turn his certificate in. If it was a lost comm., fly the last clearance, and if in vmc, land the damn airplane at the nearest suitable airport. If it was just a frequency error as implied, let's see, there are frequency groups on enroute charts, there's guard, FSS,the last assigned freq.. What's this flying world coming to???
linbb 0
Its fun to read all of those who are not pilots comments I agree with the Lear pilot he should have found some freq to communicate on during that time, if he didnt he needs to get his flight review done so he wont do it again. As far as it being an IFR flight I have done many with over three hours between stops in a little old Cessna so that proves nothing. Charge him for the F16s fuel.
Aaron Cannata 0
Having worked nearly 20 years in television and the bulk of that working in 3 different newsroom, the one thing I remember seeing in disbelief was the creed, "Never let the facts get in the way of being first to air." Biased media is very much a part of the mainstream.
8literbeater 0
Jeremy Duvall 0
What a joke. This article doesn't say crap. A pilot who is lost or makes a mistake gets an F-16 escort nowadays? It's obvious the terrorists won. What happened to our Country?????
Paul Green 0
We have lost all common sense in this great country of ours.
Its a shame.....


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