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Air Force One on LAX Tower frequency

This youtube video contains audio from LAX's tower frequency of Air Force One when it came in this Monday, October 24th. Amazing to hear the best of the best carring number one. Enjoy! ( 기타...

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Good find!, Saw Air Force One at KLAK in 1998, Clinton was getting his hair cut. :-)
Since when were they the "best of the best"? Last time I checked "most" air force pilots were a bunch of hacks. This is not to be mistaken for the appreciation I do give them for their service, however. As far as carrying #1....I doubt it. More like carrying a big #2.
Well, you would hope that the Air Force One pilots would be the best of the best with the responsibilities they have. As for the passenger, I don't agree with his policies but respect him as our president (hopefully I won't be saying this in two years).
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I wonder if Air Force One has ever anything other than, "You are number one to land"?....... Tower this is AF1 we are 90 miles out. AF1 you are now number 1 to land.


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