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Airline denies asking passengers to pay for fuel!

Comtel Air of Austria deny they asked passengers to cough up twenty thousand pounds towards fuel after a flight they were on stopped in Vienna! ( 기타...

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Você é o comissário que eu conheci aqui no Brasil?
Se sim me manda um e-mail ou

It's the latest business model for profitable airlines.
how stupid can an airline be and how can they go just to get more profit that is was to stupid
One had to expect the airlines should come up with a new way to gouge the public. At one time you bought a ticket and you were flown from point A to point B, got a meal, free soda, blankets, pillows and your baggage flew free and saw a movie. Today you buy a ticket and your still flown from point A to point B after you pay for a seat, after you pay to have your luggage fly with you; on-board you pay for the meal and for soda, water, blankets and pillows.

So I guess it is only fair that now we pay for our share of the fuel that is need to get from point A to point B. After all without it you will be stuck at point A (sic)
How many AmEx points is that? :D
I can see it now - "Ladies and Gentleman, thank you for flying British Airways today. We will not be making it all the way to New York however. Unfortunately, the couple in 32A & B did not pay for the fuel. I hope everyone can swim!
Were the Captain and the First Officer,"passing the hat around?"
This is not the first time an airline has had to ask for help with buying fuel. I don't know anything about Comtel Air, but even reputable airlines have in the past diverted to alternate airports where they did not have a fuel account or credit agreement, and have had to literally pass the Captain's hat to raise cash to buy enough fuel to move on. The passengers of course have always been reimbursed. Other times, crews have had to use their own credit cards.
They can deny it all they want - but a YOU TUBE Video tells a different story !!!!
Also if anybody wants to help buy me fuel for my 90 Aircraft I have in my hanger let me know !!! I fly Microsoft's FSX Gold edition Acceleration and have Captain Sim's 707's and A2A Simulations boeing 377 startocruiser !!
Ya like the clips show people with their money out passing to what appeared to be a stwart on the plane. Ok. they are not paying just buying a ticket from that location to England. now does that sound better....
ok, so you want to tell me that these refuelers dont take credit cards over the phone??????, are you serious?
The YOU TUBE Video I seen / Heard you could hear the Flight Attendant asking the passengers to pay up or the flight would NOT continue , someone recorded it with a cell phone and posted it to you tube, thankfully !! either way, the whole situtation is ridlicious and absurd !
have they never heard of a electronic fund transfer? No excuse for this to happen.
Tan KP 0
There are some places that only accept cash for fuel and services. So that they can pay themselves and those people involved on the spot. Whether they pocket extra for themselces i dont know. They may not get the money if it is wired to their company.
Something stinks here. This was an Austrian airline and they were in Vienna.???????????
All I have to say is PAY NOW or PAY LATER.
People want cheap tickets now I bet they'll pay for it later.
Remember the services the airlines provided 10 years ago at no charge?
Everyone wanted cheap tickets causing airlines to go bankrupt and dissapear.
Now we pay the same that we used to pay for tickets and only get transported from point A to B.
Prices always go up, but services rarely return.
PAY NOW or PAY LATER but you will PAY.
Marcelo; ? Você e o comissário Que eu conheci Aqui no Brasil de Se sim me Manda hum e-mail OU Bjs
I lived in Austria near Vienna for 10 years. I can't imagine a Civilized Country and a First Rate City Airport to not make arrangements for the Airline to continue. Even if the Airline had to make a non scheduled flight, because they did not have enough fuel when they left Point A, they should never have taken off. I can't picture any competent Pilot taking off with insufficient fuel on board.
Bogush 0
list of expected charges:
usage of air
movements in your seats from left to right
walking to and from the washroom
asking for anything
speaking - per word with your neighbor
getting up to stretch


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