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Fast flights tonight US to Europe

For instance, this US Airways flight from Philly to Amsterdam in a 752 is apparently racing across the pond at 608 knots and an estimated flight time of 6:17 (according to what it says currently). Apologies if this is too mundane. ( 기타...

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Dubslow 0
Guess it's just favorable winds.
With the winds these days, flights from the US to Europe can depart late and still get in an hour early or so.

On the contrary, I flew LHR-IAH last weekend and despite pushing from the gate early, we arrived over an hour late. :-)
DAL498 0
With the winds these days??? The jet stream winds are no stronger than when Pan Am 707'w were doing Atlantic crossings. The jet stream is more or less on average the same strength. It's not all of a sudden really strong because of global warming or whatever climate fad you want to believe in....
Yeah I've been seeing really long/short flights LHR/BOS/LHR too. Had a 5.18 BOS-LHR the other day which is REALLY short. On the other hand, like Daniel said, the inbound for that was over 8 hours! If i recall the flight plans winds aloft were up to 160kts.
phersant 0
yeah - do the trip ever other week - wish it was longer on the BOS-LHR leg so i can get more sleep...these quick red eyes are killing me
I remember doing almost 700 MPH in a 767 over the water one night--it still wasn't fast enough!
phersant 0
Yup - did that last week - took forever to come home...
A couple of years ago, on SIA12 from Narita to Los Angeles - the flight planned time was 7:58. In speaking to the captain - he indicated that he had never seen a flight planned time of less than 8 hours on that particular trip. Average W/C was P155. Pretty impressive considering that is an "average" wind component. The planned flight time back to Narita about a week oe so later - 11:09. Ughh!!!
tengoindiamike Check out that crossing time; B0S-BRU in 5.5 hrs :)
Did ATL-LHR this past August. 7:25 to LHR. 9:35 to ATL. Ready to get off at ATL when I got back to the states.
Its top speed was actually 610 knots.


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