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American Airlines Makes Leadership Changes

American Airlines today announced the retirements of two company officers, as well as a series of changes to the company's global leadership team. Robert W. Reding, Executive Vice President of Operations and Mark L. Burdette, Vice President – Employee Relations will retire at the end of this month. Monte Ford, Senior ( 기타...

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canuck44 0
There clearly doesn't appear to be any push to bring in outside management skills, ideas or turn around experience, but they have just refilled the deck chairs on the Titanic with the Ladies in Waiting after the Bernies were carried away at the end of the weekend.

In American industry, mail order MBA's, diversity and political correctness seem to trump hands on experience, even in failing enterprises.
A M 0
"Ladies in Waiting after the Bernies were carried away at the end of the weekend" ?
canuck44 0
All the promotions but one were female underlings to the engineer, no pilots and all drive by MBA types. "Weekend at Bernie's"...the dead (at least of thought) occupying the Boardroom chairs previously. No new talent, same culture.


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