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Coast Guard Pilot Faces Negligent Homicide Charges In Deaths Of Flight Crew

U.S. Coast Guardsmen Lt. Lance Leone, 31, was charged with negligent homicide, dereliction of duty, destruction of a government helicopter and the deaths of his flight crew when Leone was co-pilot of a Coast Guard Sikorsky MH-60T Jayhawk, 6017 that crashed at La Push ( 기타...

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having spent some years assigned to a CG air sta, when it comes to flight ops i found little if any'' so called joy riding. Commands for example in Alaska would restrict off airport landing sites for training because of sand ingested into the engines. CG aviators take flight ops very seriously...
Krueger, the PIC, was killed in the crash along with the 2 enlisted crewmen.
Oh! missed that
I don't understand all of the criticism going on here. It seems reasonable to question the circumstances of the flight, and if they have incriminating conversation from the CVR then it's only worse.

I know the PIC is ultimately responsible for the safety of the flight, but you can't discount the responsibility the first officer has to challenge the pilot if they aren't being safe. Instead, it seems likely that the CVR paints a picture of a joyriding flight crew, where the left seat guy is being just as irresponsible as the pilot.
He shares some responsibility'' the degree is what should be determined, but over all the accident rests in the hand of the dead captain . He had overall responsibility for the safety of the aircraft and his crew. Do not forget the command in which this aircraft and crew belonged also holds a degree of blame. USCG aviation is highly structured and regulated . I seriously doubt that we had cowboys '' operating up there.

Well, maybe not cowboys but they were apparently doing some sightseeing. You are correct on the fact that he SHARES some of the responsibility; how much is yet to be determined. Maybe that is why they have filed the kitchen sink full, so they can have some wiggle room. He will obviously get something that is in that plethora of charges. You are also correct that the Captain was ultimately in charge. By the structure that uou mention, I think they have one living out of the dead crew and they want to make an example out of him.
Pilot can't see either but he doesn't get charged?????????????????????
So then, the PIC was pilot flying. The accident is tragic enough. Loading the co-pilot up on so many charges. Sounds like he's being set up to me. I can see maybe only dereliction of duty.
It does sound excessive. They were apparently sightseeing to some degree(who hasn't)and it sounds like they are trying to make an example here.
Loading up on the sole survivor, who wasn't PIC is just wrong.

He's got enough nightmares.
That's our fabulous military. Sounds like that somebody from about the local commander up is covering their butt and going to try and make an example out of him to the other crews. Merry Christmas. I wasn't CG but USAF but that mentality is all the same. You got some good people in there but some that are so damn scared of their own shadow and turf protective it ain't funny. That will probably never change. You may see it in some spots but not service wide.


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