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Nissan Ad: Pickup Truck Assists with Landing due to gear malfunction

Can anyone verify if this is Fact or Fiction? Appears to have been from a news broadcast but No Station Identifier. ( 기타...

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The lower right hand corner of the screen briefly displays "Fictionalization. Do not attempt". This is a Nissan's advertisement.
wellsey 0
Tuan Tran, thats correct a great advertisement though!.
Falconus 0
Yeah, I suspect that if anybody tried this for real, the vehicle would be flattened. They are not designed to handle the many tons of weight that it would put on them, and I suspect that most pickup trucks are not capable of matching the landing speed of most large airliners.
wellsey 0
Falconus, just as a matter of interest the tyres on that pickup truck would have been flattened in a few seconds because of the extra weight speed ect; regards.
I suspect this is where they got the idea for the commercial:
is this even a serious question?????
LOL. Can't believe someone really thoguht that was real!


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