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Parañaque City, Phillipines, Beechcraft Queen Air Crash (Video)

Beechcraft Queen Air eight-seater light plane (with registry number RPC-834) in Parañaque City, which exploded on impact and caused a fire that gutted a 2,000-square-meter section of the slum area. ( 기타...

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Looks like it. Wondering if one of the engines gave out though. Its hard to tell if its backfire from an automobile near the video camera or the plane. Definitely catch a couple of distinctive "pop-pop" noises
That would be a bit of a coincidence. 17 pops followed by one loud one as it goes down. Then a final crack when it explodes into flames.
What happened? Base to final stall/spin??
I believe the aircraft was doing an emergency return back to the airport when control was lost and the aircraft crashed.
This is the first article I read on this crash.
If loaded to max I suspect VMC roll. Very sad.
One of the comments on the Youtube site suggests that the left engine had failed. If so, this looks like a VMC roll. Geez ... low speed steep turn into the dead engine!
I have many hours in the Queen Air. It is actually a pretty docile airplane. I can't tell from the video if the left engine failed but it seems likely this occurred from an engine failure below VMC. If so why didn't the pilot reduce power on the right engine?
i love some of the comments on youtube about this video....."the pilot shoulda done this blah blah blah" "i do that on flight sim all the time" some damn respect people...geez
Toby. Reducing power on the operating engine is SOP in twin engine prop planes. I don't know it bothers you to stat a simple fact.
@John - I think Toby's complaint was about comments on the youtube video, not about your comment, which seemed relevant and informed.
this was a Vmc roll. while we don't have the perspective of knowing how far or where the crash site was in relation to the take-off runway.. assuming this was a turn to final, you can't be too high on only one engine. Also, any turns should have been to the right, if left engine is inop. it's an Emergency, you OWN the airspace around you.


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