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Virgin Atlantic Will Allow Texting On Some Flights

Virgin Atlantic says passengers on its new Airbus will soon be able to chat on their cell phones. They'll be able to text as well. Each plane will have its own cellular network that bounces signals to satellites. That in-house network will prevent signals from interfering with air traffic control. ( 기타...

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Think of the joy associated with sitting next to someone who is constantly talking on their cell phone at the 110Db level. I wonder how long before the fist fights break out
my thoughts exactly but then again there are other airlies than Bransons
euronorb 6
Aircraft were the only place where you could get away from the constant phone conversations, this Is very bad news.
Ah yes! Add this to the crying babies and kids kicking the back of your seat and that'll make for a wonderful flight. Good thing I don't fly Virgin Atlantic.
r u 4 real
Im guessing they are getting their A380s soon?..
Cancelled. They are receiving 10 A330-300s this & next year (three flying already, two out on lease, two more due into the fleet by years end). Next plan is the 787 expected in 2015-16.
Hey, man, NPR says so!
faux news ftw!
"Since the radio waves will be beamed to an antenna in the airplane and relayed to satellite it wont interfere with air traffic control". Are you serious. Who is the NPR Science Friday guy? He should get a free slap to whoever wrote that. Of course there is slightly more risk of interference with the relay. As we all know, this was never an issue of interference, its an issue of lighting up too many cell towers (at best) and a great way to sell this service or airphone service. Also may have something to do with heavy projectiles flying an not listening to stewardesses. How much per minute?
They are talking about "texting" not "voice" chatting talking.
egnilk66 2
"Virgin Atlantic says passengers on its new Airbus will soon be able to chat on their cell phones. They'll be able to text as well." ....text as well....
npog99 0
According to what I gather from the article, passengers will be allowed to "chat" and text. By "chat" they mean the text-type chat (like MSN and AOL chat). They don't mean "voice" chat. I would suppose that voice chatting would not be allowed, still. Please, tell me I am right.
No, it says in the article "$1.30 per minute", so that sounds like voice calls to me... :-(
LOL, now the Pilots can text while flying.
egnilk66 2
Well over at Cathay Pacific, they're just knockin' boots!


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