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Woman Sues Dead Pilot For Plane Crash Allegedly Caused By Drunken Passenger

A Canadian woman whose common-law husband died in a plane crash after a drunken passenger allegedly kicked the pilot's seat forward, jamming him into the instrument panel, is suing the estate of the dead pilot in a British Columbia court. The lawsuit alleges Damon York, 33, pilot of the Cessna plane, violated Canadian aviation regulations by allowing the drunken passenger to board his flight. In a Transportation Safety Board of Canada accident report, investigators said the intoxicated… ( 기타...

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BC Hadley 7
How does this case not get tossed out? Why not sue the drunken passenger, or whoever served alcohol to a visibly intoxicated person? More appropriately, why sue anyone? Other than to cash in on a tragedy.
BC Hadley 4
That should be "the family of the drunken passenger."
brock55 9
How do they know the pilot did not remain calm? This sounds like someone grasping at straws to try and make some money.
Sad....people are always trying to put a price on someones life....Never mind the fact that the pilot died and she lived....If she is that hard up for money I suggest she get a job.
R Haase 4
I used to bush fly in the Canadian north. Had I refused drunk passengers, I wouldn't have had many.
linbb 7
Why sue the pilot as there relitive was the one who caused the problem? The pilots wife should sue them instead. But wait the news paper was so good pointing out it didnt tail dive into the water.
Foxtrot789 4
The dead can't fight back in court...
And I thought Ambulance Chasers only operated in US courts.
Maybe every passenger should take a breathalizer test before boarding and no more drinks on flights. That would solve the problem.
Nice thought, But can you fix Stupid?
No you can't. I was being sarcastic
Sue the estate of the drunken passenger, for xsake how many people get on planes slightly off their head? So sue the family of the drunken passenger, not the pilot, who is just getting people home
Wow...and she's not even from the U.S.!
Shadows from the day's that caused the demise of making piston aircraft in the 80's due to lawsuits from events such as the pilot who died when his Piper Cub crashed due to his tripod and video recorder tipped into him and he lost control. Family sued Piper for the 1946 Cub not having a proper belt assembly and winning a huge settlement and after that it took over a decade before new piston aircraft were in production again. All due to frivilous lawsuits,and this one is pretty vile in my opinion and should be dismissed at the first settlement dance.
Eric Davis 2
The family of the pilot should counter sue the plantif. He's dead now because of the fuck head passengers he was unfortunate enough to be carrying.

General Aviation is dying a thousand deaths in this part of the world because of assholes such as these.
Good Luch Eric, hope GA gets over it and rid of all these shit lawsuits that people in USA/Canada seem intent upon doing, better still get rid of all the shit lawyers who take up these cases, they can't earn their money elsewhere obviously
Thsat is totally stupid- sue the pilot? Why not sue the estate of the drunken passenger? Or sue the bar that sold the passenger the alcohol, or sue the manifacturer of the alcohol, or sue the transportation company that shipped the alcohol.....I think you're getting my drift. This type of lawsuit should be banned. I know the woman is in grief because of the loss of her husband- but it's not the pilots fault as no pilot who has a reasonable brain would figure that a inebriated passenger would kick his seat with enough force to do what happened.
And to think; all these frivolous lawsuits started with one cup of McDonalds coffee
Off topic, but the McDonald's lawsuit was not frivolous. It's an interesting story, worth looking up.
Wasn't that the one with the "hot" cup of coffee? I don't know about you, but when I want a hot coffee, I EXPECT it to be hot. I've burned myself carrying stupid cardboard cups of coffee, but it hasn't killed me yet....
You are applying common sense. That's not allowed in a court of law. Lol

[This poster has been suspended.]

I read it also. Is there a law about how hot something can be served? If not then I still see the case as frivolous. You still can't cure stupid ( putting hot coffee between your legs ). When you boil soup do you put the bowl between your legs? If you do you might get burned. Maybe we need a law against boiling!!! Lol
Tim Bray 1
Very important here, she is suing for loss of inheratance,on the reservation, from the indian(insert flavor)council. What is not being talked about is her drunk husband, with others from this reservation, were probably flying in prohibited(SP?)substances.
Another thing the woman who kicked the pilots seat(not the husband) was she just bracing, ( broken ankles), or did she cause the accident? I think she did. But, why is the pilot @ fault? The wife should wonder why her husband was out with others women, and getting drunk.And according to the story, transporting booze to a no booze zone. Pilot Not @ fault. Insurance company should sue the crash victims, because they were obviously trying to circumvent the local laws, and traditions.
The pilots wife should countersue the indian council, for thier actions.
John Tobin 1
The passenger should have never been allowed on the plane. Where was security.
Her man dies in the plane crash.......but not to worry. He can be replaced with money!! Such dumb!
A frivolous lawsuit.

"...the pilot failed to maintain calm during an emergency situation."

What a nightmare for any pilot, especially on a single-crew bird.
jfflyboy 1
What a bunch of trash. You can take that statement however you like. Poor pilot, just trying to make a living.
Shocking news x
This is just contributing to a society that eventually every one will be scared to do anything...just in case and where no one will be able to afford to live properly due to premiums to cover this sort of thing.

It is often said that it doesn't matter because the insurance company pays...well true, but where does the company get it's money.

This ties in with the silly H&S laws which are often not true laws but business people imposing restriction in fear of being sued for the slightest little thing.

So maybe it won't matter if we can't afford to do anything as there will be little to do worth doing anymore due to H&S issues.

All points to fear of the above
chalet 1
The law system in the U.S., save for a good number of honest people, stinks. That is why there are far more lawyers in the U. S. than all other professions combined. Screw them all and the unethical plaintiffs too.
There you go Chalet, the crux of the problem, too many money grubbing arseholes willing to take their share of OTHER PEOPLE'S money at the expense of the main who are just try to survive in a shit world as we have now/
The article said that all the passengers were drunk. Sounds like this woman should sue her dead common-law husband for being so stupid as to get on the airplane with another drunk passenger.
Indians and firewater!!!!

Report indicates, "What was happening in the cabin moments before the pilot lost control cannot be accurately determined."

Where the husband was sitting would be crucial to the defense if he was sitting behind the pilot, he would be possible responsible for the crash.
Unbelievable what some people will do to get hold of some cash! Should the pilot have taken a blood test on his passengers to see their alcohol level? For Heaven´s sake! Maybe she should sue the estate of the drunken passenger too.


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