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Mica: Another Possible TSA Meltdown

Chairman releases statement after learning there may be another TSA meltdown looming at an unnamed airport in Florida which may involve a substantial number of TSA employees, including high-ranking airport security officials ( 기타...

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Perhaps the TSA should retreat to a regulatory roll, and step away from the hands on approach(pun intended). Modeling itself after some of the other Federal Agencies that oversee civil organizations, (FAA,NRC etc) they would be a leaner group of professionals. In their present incarnation they are hopelessly flawed in the eyes of most Americans.
that makes more sense than anything that has ever been published or written in this forum or anywhere else for that matter.
Right there with you!
mikeNY 3
Fire Pistole.
acmi 2
don't even get me started. I was a Project manager for Locheed under the original SASR program. If you know what that stands for, you know what we did, and did not accomplish.
TWA55 1
Having been in the industry for a number of years, You will never get top notch security until the training and selection process improves. If we are looking for FBI agents eg. to do the job, hold on to your pocket books, otherwise you get what you pay for....
Gee..What a shocker!
sstuff 1
Does anyone know the location, please?
sstuff 2
Found that it is RSW.
Chuck Me 1
Share please. What happened?
Jim Rice 1
Convince me we need screening. We had screening on 911. It didn't work. I guess TSA takes credit for no repeats, but I can't recall a single incidence where TSA has actually prevented anything other than preventing me from making my flight.
This happened at Fort Myers, Florida. I fly out of there often and frequently have my flight bag searched. Apparently, the harmonica that I keep in my bag "looks like a pistol clip" Clueless A-Holes
On a x-ray machine, yeah, that's exactly what it looks like, then they have to do the search, what do you think would happen? Maybe not carry it in your bag?
Your tax $ at work, Mike
I came very close to a meltdown myself when a Ft Lauderdale TSA agent took 25 minutes checking my carry-on and me recently. Give them a badge and they think they are the FBI. A belligerent parcade cop...
acmi, I still have one of those nifty clocks you handed out in the orientation package you provided services for. Thanks for the service I know It was frustrating as all things with the govt can be. Phil, your point is well taken with that being said does anyone think the govt will ever go back to a total privatized security system. However there are alot of good people working at TSA the don't all suck some that I know came from other industries that were collapsing and they were just trying to survive. TSA's problem starts at the top.
I retired from a US FLAG CARRIER after 22 years in operation and find it interesting that right after 9/11 there was a cry from the public sector and many government officials for government security at airports. At first everyone was happy after TSA took over, now Mica and the public sector are crying to go back to privatized security. Apparently Mr. Mica does not have any respect or confidence in the very government he works for or the people the govt hires to work for them.
I completely understand your comment. There was a public outcry and the system did work. But when you have people who become TSA Officers who last week were just flipping burgers take control, the whole system loses control and they take their authority a bit to far.
I am not saying they are all like that but its enough to get peoples attention.
I was thinking for the longest that most of their problems seemed to be coming out of high volume areas and chalked it off to that but here a few weeks ago, it came out of WICHITA!!
I too, was around, and heard the clamor and the outcry,after 911, but something has happened in the last couple of years, that you can't even mention TSA somewhere with out getting a tirade started. This forum is one of the worst in that it seems like everyone on here has a TSA horror story. I don't know if it is because we all fly more, are closer to the industry or what. There is still a definite need for security, but somewhere along the road, we seem to have lost our way in some quarters and need to back up and regroup.
mygala 2
People are people, whether they are privately or publicly employed. If they are without proper training or supervision and with poor morale, this is what you get.
The firings should be from the top down and every TSA officer should be rescreened to see if they are suitable for the job, then retrained. Their job can be done better. Travel through just about any airport in Europe or Israel.
This is probably more true than anything said here. In any business, you start at the top to revitalize it. I don't know if things would be any better but it can't get much worse.
Amen Mr. Wayne
You have it totally backwards. He has respect for the government he works for - THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. The bureaucrats who hire some incompetents and oversee them, holding them to too low of standards, are the ones he doesn't respect, nor should any of us. We must demand a more cost-effective implementation of policies. That's what Congressman Mica is doing with the segment of the bureaucracy his committee oversees.
Can't private security be bought?
Are you saying that TSA is untouchable.
Mr Mica long time disregard for federal government employees...., then again isn't he one?
Probably the only plus to the TSA is that it is job security for corporate pilots, including my son. He is a corporate pilot for a large corporation and they certainly don't have the time and energy to put up with the TSA schenanigans.
geroldn -4
Why does everyone believe private screeners will do a better job than the TSA? You know private security contracts will go to the low bidder. That means the workers will get minimum wage and minimum training, while the company CEO gets a multi-million dollar bonus. If you think security will be better, you are dreaming! Remember what a great job Blackwater did in Afghanistan...
JetMech24 -1
You are absolutely correct, private will be way worse than the TSA. If you think the TSA is bad, just wait until a bunch of underpaid, minimum wage, disgruntled mall cops take over. If you disagree you are an idiot and will bitch and moan until we get private screeners and another 9/11, THEN you will blame all the private screeners that you whined so much to get.
knbaker 3
Repeat after me: 9-11 was not a screening failure. Had TSA been in charge, they would not have prevented it because the rules allowed for the items that the hijackers had.

TSA is a complete waste of American tax payer money.

Either way, TSA or private, get rid of the radiation scans, get rid of the hands on the crotch routine and go back to baggage screening and WTMD. Keep cockpit doors locked and enforced.

Get rid of the TSA boondoggle.
Probably a good idea but I imagine that is has gone too far now and between the unions and bureacracy, I doubt that your last line will happen anytime soon.


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