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TSA attempts to hide unused machines

A recent investigation issued jointly by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform and House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure reports that TSA bought $184 million in screening equipment that it stored in warehouses and tried to prevent Congress from learning how many machines were there. ( 기타...

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N5827P 22
The sad fact is the ones in the warehouse caught just as many terrorists as the ones in airports
Let's be careful here. If we complain too much about the machines IN the warehouse, they will soon be OUT of the warehouse in locations they were never intended for. Malls, sports stadiums, high schools, will have this junk to further erode our civil rights. Be careful what you wish for.
I like where they said that they bought more than needed to get a
Did they save more than the $184M spent on additional units? No? It's only worth buying extras if the net savings is greater than the expenditure. (Most of you probably realize that; I included it for the benefit of any TSA decision-makers who may be reading this.)
like I said, millions of $
It is the same reasoning as "we are loosing money on each unit, but we will make it upon volumn".
slightly offtopic but still on the same lines as tsa.

A recent trip brought me out of MSY. While waiting in the endless line to use the "more efficient" back scanner, I realized the family in front of me were the only individuals motioned for the metal detector. They went through fine, their stroller was passed through security via the auxiliary cart door (the same one used to pass WCs and such through security). When this happened, I decided to work my way over to the metal detector line when the time came. Long story short, because I refused to go through the back scanner, I was required to go through additional screening (fine). While being screened, I asked the gentlemen why the family in front of myself, who used this same metal detector as I, was able to skip the additional screening. He stated "its a new program we have in place the help speed up screening". When asked how he felt if (and i didnt say terrorist but he understood where i was going) persons who meant to do harm found out about this "program" and used it to their benefit his reply was simply "I dont make the rules, I just have to abide by them for another month until Im out of this place" (his resentment to being a TSA officer was obvious).

Now correct me if Im wrong, but weren't these machines that are now being "parked" brought in under the ideas of improved efficiency and a more speedy queue lines? If so, why is this alleged "family-through program needed". Additionally, If the new technology is a much more efficient and useful tool then the traditional equipment, and it is obviously available, why isnt it being replaced with the current, outdated equipment
TSA= Too Stupid for Arbys

Criminal charges should come from this.
Stupid is an understatement here. I cannot believe somebody with that little sense could be entrusted to spend millions of $.
btweston 2
If you start with the premise that all these machines are purchased for safety and security reasons, naturally the outcomes described in the article make no sense. But that's because the major premise is incorrect.

The machines were purchased to create jobs for the folks manufacturing them. Storing them creates warehouse jobs. Then you need the staff referred to in the article who have to figure out useful life. And if the machines ever get used, one has created shipping jobs. This is all about creating jobs; the safety, security, and screening reasons are smoke screens.
Interesting thought. Hadn't never looked at it that way.LOL
Agreed. See the Bush administration was trying to do something good by creating the agency, then making other jobs available that were being lost when the bulk order was placed 6 years ago.
zennermd 1
Hahaha... love it.
As I just posted moments ago, TSA...never going to change.
Another sad fact is that although we all know that this is what is normal for the TSA, is probably not any different for other government agencies, Now that we know about this how many of us will WRITE TO OUR LEGISLATORS AND DEMAND AN ANSWER as to why they let this happen. If enough of will write to them they may actually seek a solution. I am writing my legislators today! Please join in and do the same.
Hint to Congress .. Contact Ray LaHood for answers (Secretary of Department of Transportation)
I don't think he will know because one has been in storage for over 6 years. Therefore the entire "bulk order" to get the discount had to be placed at least that long ago!
My guess is the same figures may apply to both the numbers,utilization and productivity of the entire organization.
Well throwing them away would prove even the TSA thinks they are worthless...... wait hiding them does the same thing.
The delays due to TSA are increasing every week. It is not due to the lack of TSA employees but a result of minimizing the active screening points despite the number of flyers. It took me 55 minutes for screening at DFW (I am a 100K flyer/Executive Platinum). I listened to many flyers complain they were missing their connections. TSA PreScreen only works if you are a domestic flyer with no international segments. I fly 90% international. I thought TSA was bad but I see they can achieve even worst performance. One agent told me watch what happens later this summer. Abolish the TSA, fire "Big Sis", and return to private agencies for security. Perhaps the government can save a few $100 million dollars.
This is an agency that should be upholding the law, and here they are trying to hide stuff from their boss, Congress. Dishonesty, what a bad trait to have in a law enforcement agency.
Haven't Roger Clements and a few others been charged with Perjury or Contempt of Congress for lying to them. Why not these birds??????
COME ON PEOPLE!!! This absolutely nothing new. EVERY government agency including our military does stuff like this to get "discounts" and "keep the funding".
We will never have flight safety as long as the hamstrung TSA is allowed to operate. When we adopt the policies of El Al (Every Landing, Always Late) we will be assured that a Muslim male between the ages of 17 to 41 will not try to harm airplanes in flight.
bigbert1 0
What else would you expect from the agency that could not even figure out a budget for salaries when they started and have not stopped one single terrorist?


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