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Voyager space probe reaches edge of solar system

(Reuters) - The Voyager 1 space probe has reached the edge of the solar system, extending its record for being the most distant man-made object in space. According to a statement from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California, the spacecraft is sending back data to Earth showing a sharp increase in charged particles that originate from beyond the solar system. ( 기타...

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I've looked for this on the interactive map. It's nowhere to be found! Any pointers Flightaware?
JD345 3
Check your internet connection.

Voyager had a program for persons to put their names on a data disk which I am pretty sure is the same golden disk refered to on the missions commercial website. But there is no mention of names going along with the disk. I found out about the program of sending your personal name and possibly call sign along on the disk through ham radio friends since the ham community launches private beacons into space too. If the aliens are hostile and come to us ham operators first we'll be sure to let you guys know if they taste like chicken :) Anyway plenty of the ham radio conversations are 100 light years ahead of Voyager 1 & 2. I'm only 20 light years out there.
Might be just out of the coverage area.
This is fantastic. I know the energy sources are to last until 2020 something, but the signal transmission sources (circuit boards and other electronics, etc) on-board to last that long in a hostile environment is unreal and almost unbelievable. No serious breakdowns, just glitches from time to time that are able to be troubleshot from billons of miles. Spare parts be damned?? What is even mre amazing is that living here on earth it took me three new TV's to get a new Vizio HDTV to operate correctly. Go figure for 1977 Technology vs. 2011 technology..
So here's a question. Do we lose data from the Voyager for all the time we are on the other side of the side from where the spacecraft it heading away from the earth? That has to be a least 3-4 months of nothing eh?

Unless the sun is directly between the earth and Voyager, we get data every time the earth revolves around so the satellite link station can receive the signal. A few million miles across the orbit of the earth around the sun is nothing compared to the distance Voyager is outside our orbit. It's not like when the astronauts were on the far side of the moon.
smoki 1
Attention all trekies: "V-GER" is on its way for a future rendezvous with a federation starship!
Too bad Carl Sagan wasn't still with us to celebrate this. RIP
Unfourtunalletly, tihs is the only information font.
a phonograph record and 12-inch gold-plated copper disk with sounds and images of life and culture on Earth

thats seems soooo ridiculous to assume anything would be able play a record
Yeah, the next one will have an SD card or DVD or similar
I wonder what is on the "B" side.
Led Zeppelin: "Stairway to Heaven"
soon to be known as "Vger" ala Star Trek. Amazing piece of machinery-One of NASA's best, I'd think!
a.k.a. Star Trek "Veger"
Seems like yesterday ...


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