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Delta to test automatic turnstyle boarding

Oh that ought to go well. Delta says its to make boarding faster. I have gut feeling its to lay off a bunch of workers. ( More...

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I think it's a bad idea to equate European airports, with only a couple of notable exceptions, to US airports. General climate, behaviour of passengers, demeanor and in general,are way way different. Experienced the self scan gate process and it works fine there. Questions about here though. Sorry.
preacher1 1
Well, the cost of one machine, according to the article, would ROI in about a year if it reduced an employee. As the article says, the infrequent flyer might have a problem in dealing with it but they have been tested here in the US already by several airlines, so it's not just a European Airport comparison.
I think we ought replace all employees. We don't need any jobs anymore. That's old school. We can get free food, free housing, free money, and today the supreme court gave everybody free healthcare. It's free because we all know that people without a job or those making minimal wages are not going to buy insurance. But will continue to use the ER for a headache.
preacher1 1
It will be a trip.LOL
pdixonj 1
Well judging by what I've seen at most airline gate areas, they aren't exactly staffed to the hilt. Frequently there's only agent working the gate, even if the flight is a full widebody...a second agent might show up, usually "after" most of the passengers have boarded. This automated system seems more like a way for airlines to simply not hire more agents (especially during peak seasonal periods), and shift more agents to more "problematic flights" while leaving flights with easier pax boarding staffed at a one agent minimum (ATL-HNL vs. ATL-HSV).


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