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Obama signs Pilot's Bill of Rights

Obama signs Pilot's Bill of Rights on Friday 8/3/2012 ( 기타...

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Why do we need a law to give us the rights guaranteed by the constitution? Is it because the Government has forgotten who is really in charge. WE THE PEOPLE. First words of the Constitution says it all
I assume you mean the Bill of Rights?
The Bill of Rights refers to the first 10 amendments to the Constitution.
As you say "refers".
btweston -3
I think you should read the Constitution more closely. And by that i mean I think you should actually read the Constitution. Not just the "first words." I think you'll find that it's more complex than you'd like it to be.
N5827P 4
I fully agree. Too many US citizens read a few words or phrases they like and think they read the Constitution. And the specifically ignore anything they don't like.
pnschi 4
It's funny that your getting a bunch of "Ejects" for suggesting someone read the constitution. Maybe they're worried that the right to operate an aircraft is not in there.
pnschi 0
In what sense what so ever is this law giving rights guaranteed under the constitution?
Due process.
Interesting....In that not one comment could be made about the actual content. Really? There are a million other places for Obama ranting...Anyone have a comment on the aviation aspect and its repercussions?
Yeah, it's pretty pathetic isn't it how they are so against the guy that they miss the topic completely...
ms06877 9
I can't believe it, he finally did something I agree with.
btweston -2
Well I for one totally would have blown Bin Laden's brains out if given the opportunity. And I certainly would have made moves to tighten up destructive and irresponsible banking practices. And I think it's nice that the federal government now requires that we help veterans when they get back from those ridiculous wars started by the previous guy. And I would have been proud to oversee more job growth in 2010 than took place between 2001 and 2008.

Different strokes, I guess.
Keep telling yourself that. Coolaid taste great I guess
They really like the RED koolaid!
[started by the previous guy?]
I know that presidentnt bush 'both of them' are combat trained pilots but the younger bush
was 1000miles away when THAT war was started.
Funny how he did a 180 when he wants your votes?
I guess thats Chicaga politics!
Remember* IF HIS LIPS ARE MOVING HES LYING,never fails.
This is a very good thing But I'm still not voting for Obama
Sounds like another layer of bureaucracy to me. All those who have expressed cynical opinions regarding Obama's motivations have a perfectly good reason to do so given the past 3.5 years of watching Chicago politics applied nation wide.
Leave us not forget that this bill was introduced by a Senator who nearly killed a bunch of construction workers by landing his plane on a runway that was clearly marked as closed. And this Senator was so offended that the FAA had the audacity to pursue him for the violation, that he introduced this bill. Yes indeedy. We should all be free to exercise our right to land our plane on closed runways jeopardizing others.

And leave us not forget that because of his position of power overseeing the agency that regulates his flying activities, this Senator received a slap on the wrist for something for which every other one of us would have lost our license.

Freedom indeed. Lift your blinders people. We're building a plutocracy.
It's worth remembering what started all this;
Remember to check your Notams! Don't land if there big yellow X's on the runway!
is great.
We support the great many pilots of today who are responsible for the 70,000 flights per day time 100 plus passengers lives.
Then the flyers have rights too - that's even better.
Finally, for the people entrapped within the " six pack " final approach plan
at ORD - we don't------------- have any rights.
All you guys are going to be really disappointed in Nov.
I have been disappointed for the last 3 and a half years, why should November be any different?
gftt 1
Pilot Bill of Rights, big deal.
He's just dazzaling us with bullpoop so
he can stick general aviation with ATC & user fees.

How many pilots out of the thousands flying will ever
put this "Bill of Rights" to a test?

And of course AOPA is patting theirselves on the back
so they can continue to solicit for lobbying dollars.
Ok, I gave you shlubs a tidbit that I can easily overturn later. Now, where are MY User Fees!
At some point in the 70's the FAA went from an agency that encouraged aviation and did everything possible to help pilots to comply with rules and regulations to one with the enforcement division run by jack-booted thugs that could not find work in Federal criminal law enforcement. They turned the divion into an adversarial outfit bent on using dirty tricks against license holders. Using their cache as judge, jury, and executioner they abused the rules and regulations to garner promotions for more salary, and to increase the budget for the fiefdoms within the FAA operated for personal benefit of the recalcitrant managers.

Americans should never be denied access to Courts by an agency of the Executive branch. When the FAA was an advocate for pilots there was little need for Courts to oversee them because no reasonable man would argue with the few adverse actions they took against ticket holders.

I don't believe the President signed the bill to help pilots, he did it to provide more work for his fellow lawyers, keeping alive his record of never signing a bill that did not help his donors or cronies.
"I don't believe the President signed the bill to help pilots, he did it to provide more work for his fellow lawyers, keeping alive his record of never signing a bill that did not help his donors or cronies."

Yah that seems like a completely rational opinion...... jeez
I mean of course we can't take this or absolutly anything else he does on face value, no matter what there HAS to be an alternative motive. Give me a break
I would assume you have never been to Chicago. Nothing in politics is done without quid pro quo. I realize you are looking for the good in people, as am I, but my opinion is correct.

The President might have vetoed the bill if he felt that what the bill really does is codify discrimination against persons involved in aviation. How you say? It places restrictive time limits and specifies what must be turned over by the agency. The agancy will now create regulations that moves exculptaory information to files you will not have access to see. If pilots and mechanics had full access to the Courts and the protections of the Constitution, they would get the entire files through the discovery process. As it stands today regulations stand between the accused and the Constitution. That can never be good.
Falconus 6
Okay, so you think that President Obama should have vetoed the bill? Is that what I understand from your statement, Ric?
I was with you until your last sentence. The rest of your post is right on.
sparkie624 -7
If obama signed something good, there is something even worse buried inside of it we have not found out about yet... I am sure there is a spending bill somewhere for something useless.
Looks good on the outside, but O'bama is going to profit from this somehow
Tim Worley -4
Wow. He's got my vote. Well, maybe not.
dackman -2
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Pilot’s Bill of Rights awaits President’s signature

The Pilot’s Bill of Rights, which made it through the legislative process in “record time,” according to an official with the Experimental Aircraft Association, has been approved by both the Senate and the House of Representatives and is now on President Obama’s desk awaiting his signature.

The president has 10 days from the time it made it to his desk on July 26 to sign the bill, said Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.), a member of the Senate General Aviation Caucus and a CFI with more than 10,000 hours who introduced the bill.
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Pilot's Bill of Rights Signed

Pilot's Bill of Rights signed into law by President Obama on August 3. The legislation guarantees pilots under investigation by the FAA expanded protection against enforcement actions via access to investigative reports, air traffic control and flight service recordings, and it also requires the FAA to provide the evidence being used as the basis of enforcement at least 30 days in advance of action.


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