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Emirates Airlines A380 First Class-Bangkok to Hong Kong

Volterrific - Emirates Airlines A380 Super Jumbo from Bangkok to Hong Kong. ( More...

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vitor silva 1
So do I, so do I...
Robert Persons 1
I think we all would.
vitor silva 1
Yes, and just for that, you may only see on youtube. Than you take your conclusions.It is just perfect.
HerrThor 1
I hope too! They say that service onboard is the best!
Nige Lites 2
Even Business on EK 380 is not too shoddy.
I've had a couple of complimentary upgrades from Economy as a loyal frequent flier, and a few more using my airmiles.
When I've sat downstairs on a 380 it's been entirely bearable on a 7hr DXB/LHR, but faced with 13hr to New York, upstairs was the only way to go, big telly and a flat bed in my own little booth (off-set seating, how clever is that, window seat has access to aisle).

I'm a big fan of EK, they really try to do a proper job, and often competitively priced against other long haul carriers on the same route.

I always smile (and silently applaud) as the Cabin crew do the mad trolley dash thru Economy to serve the complimentary Snack and Drinks on the hop between Dubai and Doha (1hr scheduled, about 40min wheels off to wheels on), and still they smile, and try to get round with the Tea and Coffee before the flaps are lowered. This on a rammed full 330 or 777.

I've not had the 380 private suite and health spa shower yet, but no doubt I'll treat myself one day, meanwhile Economy is quite acceptable when needs must, and Business is more than adequate for the Red Eye. Then every once in a while I fly another Airline, and wonder why can't they do it too, grit my teeth, grin and bear it and look forward to my next EK flight.
Daniel Heyer 2
Flew the A-380 London to Dubai in Business Class and an A340 to the Seychelles both on Emirates. They are a first class operation. The flight attendants and crew were extraordinary. Food an amenities make US airlines first class cattle car in comparison. Can't wait to fly Emirates again. Its better than flying used to be.
David Ginneken 2
I flew A380 twice and it beats all other aircrafts I flew before and since then in terms of space available (this was Lufthansa).
The only thing is the silence is a bit frightening at first: during take off you wonder if everything is OK :)
cheneyja 2
Apparently First Class does not require the same description of one's appearance. Really, a tee shirt on that flight? Wow.
jbermo 2
Way to fussy! Those tiny windows and little cubicles remind me of self contained animal bins. Give me yesteryear's comfy two by two first class seating with the larger windows of the DC-8 any day!
bpredrag 1
there are even shorter routes for A380, Dubai-Jeddah daily. plane is versatile and as long as it's full most of the days it means making money. I agree with Ric, Business seats are smaller and I prefer Boing, however ecconomy seats on 380 are more spacious then on other EK aircraft.
Tim Lamborn 1
Surprising to see such a large aircraft on such a short flight route.
Ric Wernicke -1
I fly first on this route often, but prefer the Boeing aircraft. The Boeing was more spacious, felt better taking off, and had a larger minibar at your seat. The A380 seems more cramped, and the poor people in coach, what a rabbit warren that is.

I can do without the shower on board. Limited water, poor pressure, and no room to bend over to wash your toes. There are much nicer facilities to shower at either end of BKK - HKG. The Emirates lounge in BKK is second to none, shower, communications, and 5 star food selections.

This route is also a bargain at $647. $300 less than Cathy. Sometimes there are promotional or fare wars with Thai. I hav paid as little as $380. for the flight.
Er.A.K. Mittal -1
I hope n pray that people at Emirates in particular and Airbus in general get to read this eye opener . What a shame ! First the wing cracks and now THIS ! A 380 seems doomed .


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