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Stolen iPad found at TSA Agent's house

We are the TSA we are here for your safety and convenience. Yea Right. In the latest apparent case of what have been hundreds of thefts by TSA officers of passenger belongings, an iPad left behind at a security checkpoint in the Orlando airport was tracked as it moved 30 miles to the home of the TSA officer last seen handling it. ( More...

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Kenneth Acorn 14
Theft is theft. If you or I steal, we will no doubt face the consequences. This former TSA man and all others who steal should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. After all, the only people who can get away with blatant theft are politicians and the wealthy people who buy the politicians.
mikeNY 7
The trend for the 381 convicted TSA thieves is a conviction with sentence of only "probation".


Pistole needs to be fired.
joel wiley 5
" The agency disputes that theft is a widespread problem, however, saying the number of officers fired "represents less than one-half of one percent of officers that have been employed" by TSA."
They overlook the minor detail that 381 is the number that have been caught.
Toby Sharp 3
..they should just execute the next TSA employee caught stealing.......that should slow em down for a little bit!
pnschi 1
Perhaps, but he probably doesn't have any input into what punishment prosecutors call for, or what judges finally decide.
Jesus Rivera 9
This on top of that flight attendant who got caught with someones Ipad at her home as well last week.
Jesus Rivera 2
Sean Laffan 7
TSA stands for Take Stuff Administration
Robert West 4
I thought it stood Tough *hit *** hole
dmanuel 7
Let me guess - he will say he took it to protect the flying public, because the passenger was known to leave the iPad on during take-off and landing.
Peter Clarke 6
Amazing. If 20 years ago any western government had decreed that by law all citizens will have to wear a gadget so that their whereabouts could be tracked at all times, there would have been street riots. Now almost all of us pay good money to carry such a gadget.
indy2001 2
I think you'd be surprised how many of us DON'T carry such gadgets. And in my case, it's not because of any security fears. I just don't need to be within feet of a phone every minute of my life. Nor do I feel like enriching AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, Apple, or any of the rest of the greedy companies.
preacher1 2
You are like me. I carry a strait cell phone and don't text. I don't publicize every trip to the bathroom. If I'm PF I generally have laptop/Ipad but as a pax, that phone is it and it stays shut of from door close til wheels .down
Pretty sad . .he actually blames it on his wife ! Good riddence.
Ricky Scott 5
I should clarify, ABC left it there on purpose and it was traced to the house. To me that's THEFT.
suz 4
No longer employed? Is he in jail? Awaiting trial? I bet anything this dope S*** himself when that camera appeared at his front door.
preacher1 5
Well, you notice he pulled that TSA shirt and tie off real
david parker 4
I like that - The office of Personal Responsibility. The TSA a government agency actually hase one. Can you believe that - the government actually has an office of Personal responsibility. Amazing!!!
jbermo 4
Trusted public servants of a fiduciary crime should have enhanced sentences.
suz 4
The flight attendant mentioned in the Boston story was only suspended, nothing said about firing her. Why would you keep someone like this on the payroll?
Robert West 3
I wonder how many other items of interest could be found at TSA agents houses
Foxtrot789 3
I guess by taking stuff out of people's bags it makes up for the extra weight curb-side check in allows on by way of bribery.
Roger Curtiss 3
Here's the thing to remember about TSA. Even though it is a federal agency they still employ the same schmoes that worked for the private contractors in what is, in the end, a low pay, tedious job. You get what you pay for.
Faster Gun 0
Low paying? Did you see the home that ipad thief lives in?
JetMech24 0
How do you know it was his and not his parent's?
Faster Gun 1
Thats a good angle
JetMech24 0
Paul Slonaker 3
Burn his ass!
preacher1 4
I am not a proponent of TSA by any means, BUT, 9 out of 10 went thru and owners contacted as they should have been. Granted, it should have been 10 for 10 but we don't live in a perfect world.
joel wiley 3
How about repeating the test 9 more times to give 100 trials. Would the 10% sample continue for 10 out of 100? If it was an anomaly could we expect 1%. Of course news of the sting might skew the data.
linbb 2
Ya think???? You hire welfare people and what do you get? Look at most of them, they wouldnt even be hired at Walmart, they might shop there with large bags to carry there stuff that they didnt pay for out.
Allan Bowman 2
This is not surprising given the hiring standards of TSA and Homeland Security.
M Werner 2
I don't understand why they are omly fired. I think criminal charges should be filed. theft is theft.
cdkeeka 2
This raises another question though slightly off topic. Its regarding items taken off passengers as non allowable on board. Despite various notices, some people do bring items in their hand luggage either by accident or ignorance.
On my various trips I have seen security persons at various London, Toronto, New York, Zurich, airports confiscate non allowable items from passengers and throw them into a bin on the side.

What happens to these items? Included with assorted water bottles, etc are some which seem to be new, unused, quite attractive and collectable.
The one time I asked, I given a strange look and told they would be "disposed of".
What really happens to the "good" items? How are they disposed of - thrown away, given to charity, sold, or do the staff distribute them amongst themselves?
andrew nierman 5
those idiots in Omaha took a zippo lighter from a WW II vet boarding a flight w/his wife- he had the lighter all through out the war in Europe and those IDIOTS stole it from him- shame on TSA!!!
Nige Lites 4
Recently, going through Security at London, Heathrow, they spotted my Swiss Multitool (Swiss Army version of Leatherman) that I had forgotten to shift to my checked bag. "This is bad, right" I said, "Maybe not Sir, I'll check with my Supervisor". Well, after a polite conversation I was given a couple of options, Ditch It or Mail It.
I chose Mail It. They placed it in a bag and gave me a tear-off tab with a serial number and a web-site URL and said check the site after about 24hr.
On the web-site I put in an address and paid the fee with my Card, A few days later it was delivered to a friends house in UK for me to pick up on my return.
Cost me 19 quid (GBP), it is quite heavy for it's size, but then the Tool cost about 50 quid.
When I was busted the officers were at all times civil and helpful, and whilst the providers of the Mail service are in it to make money, I didn't feel unduly ripped-off. I was thankful of the chance to correct my careless error, rather than just lose a valuable and useful item.
Perhaps there is a business opportunity for a similar service in the USA.
Jeff Lawson 2
The confiscated items that don't make it past security are generally sold by the airport and available for purchase by the public. There are many people who go and buy pocket knives, etc in bulk from the airport and then make a living by re-selling them on eBay.
preacher1 1
I know all that; I just think that it is ironic for them to be too dangerous/hazardous to go on a plane the just stay right there in the midst of everybody. Hypocrisy at it's finest. Of course they'll say it's not dangerous here but on the plane it might be another story, and life goes on, as we do what we are told and led like sheep to the slaughter.
Jeff Lawson 1
If it looks like an item that is of immediate concern (a ticking time bomb or other explosive) they generally shut the whole terminal down and call the bomb squad, rather than just chucking it in the bin with the rest of the pocket knives and snowglobes. :)
preacher1 2
I have often wondered about that. They aren't allowable on the plane, hence supposedly hazardous or dangerous, yet they go into the trash can or a throwaway bin in the midst of the TSA people and other folks going thru the checkpoint?
ChrisUS 1
Liquor is dumped down the drain, knives are placed in a protective sharps container and disposed of. Aerosols go into a hazmat container for disposal and liquids are thrown into that bin and collected by the airport cleaning staff. One was found taking some of them home and was fired.
joel wiley 1
I know confiscated items at SMF go to the State's Deparment of General Services and periodically get auctioned off with surplus State equipment. See:
preacher1 1
You know what I really hate about this deal? This will make comment #38 on this string and a couple more alerts have hit while I'm typing. I ought to know better than to comment on anything regarding the TSA as it will just ignite a firestorm of comments and keep my computer busy. Deserved or not, they are the most hated group around the business and deserve what they get and more. Probably some good just trying to make an honest living and some bad that give them all a bad rap. That's life.
Leslie Pater 1
I probably shouldn't "advertise" this, but anytime I am in line for the TSA screening, I keep my eyes peeled in theground for MONEY. To date I have "found" two twenty dollar bills on two seperate occaissions, I wad of folded up bills totalling $13 and most recently a lone Grant aka $50 Bill. All the bills I found were passed by by everyone in line and I did NOT see who owned the cash. So, for me the line at the TSA has "rewarded" me in excesso $100, $103 to be exact. So keep your eyes open people and make sure folded cash doesn't slip out of your pocket,because if I'm not there undoubtedly a TSA Agent will be!
crk112 1
Oh THIS IS NICE.... not only does this moron steal an iPad... HE BLAMES HIS WIFE FOR IT.

I'm sure glad the TSA "employs agents of the highest ethical standards".
Mike Hill 1
I have been a victim of theft from my luggage, presumably in an American airport because I know the stuff (gifts to grandchildren) were there when I packed the case and presented it to check-in. Three items were missing on arrival at my destination. I got no recompense, just an apology from the airline. Does TSA deal with checked luggage too?
JetMech24 1
Yes, and they are supposed to leave a note or tag (I forget which) to notify you that your luggage was searched.
Deborah Redmon 1
what a loser. I would be shamed out of my life...
Robert Wilson 1
I had my GPS stolen out of my luggage on Christmas Day 2 years ago AT ORLANDO. I was given the run around by TSA and I filed a police report. Seems Orlando TSA might have some problems.
preacher1 1
What gets me on all theses stories is that people just forget those things in the first place. We have heard of all kinds of gadgets left at TSA checkpoints, on seats and wherever. Am I the only one that remains cognizant of my surroundings and a $500 gadget I have with me? I just can't understand that happening. Maybe that's just me but ever time I hear about one of these deals, I always wonder what caused it to be left in the first place.
Ric Wernicke 2
Before cell phones I left a camera in a phone booth at SFO after a flight with two stops from HKG. Two years later it was pawned in San Jose by a Pacific Bell coin collector. He got six months suspended and a $250. fine.

I was just wore out when I placed the call and forgot it. I did report it to police, that was how it was found.

Lately, I have been finding a "TSA was here" card inside my luggage, and the lock cutoff. (so much for TSA approved locks) Nothing has been missing. I did lose a camera in Argentina, after a two hour delay for baggage handlers to pilfer the bags. This camrea was chipped, and when it was plugged into a computer it phoned home. The police were not interested, so we sent our security man "Pablo" (6' 6" 350lb) and his dog "Mordita" to fetch it.
preacher1 2
I imagine he was as surprised to see PABLO as this guy was to see the
James Carroll 1
So now he's on 99 weeks "Unemployment" "Insurance" and when that wears out he'll get himself put on "Disability." Wonder how he'll vote in November...
Ric Wernicke 1
I thought you had to be a citizen to vote?.......
Ricky Scott 2
Depends on the state and whether you are going to vote "D" or not.
Deborah Redmon 1
Ha ha, you are so right! He'll definitely be voting for Obama, the president of entitlements!
art thompson 0
Horse Hockey.. They all should be back handing out SMILES at Walmart. Worthless all of them.. They deture nothing..They are just opportunistic bottom feeders..
btweston -1
What deterred you from learning how to use a dictionary?
art thompson 2
By the way moron... I put the "and" in just for you
art thompson -1
What are you and English teacher or are you too hanging out SMILES ?
preacher1 1
Well, he's only been on here a couple of years and no credentials. We fly first and spell later. Besides, FA doesn't have a spell checker and people do make mistakes. Personally Mr. Weston, take a flying kiss at old Hitler!! That is A** for you uninitiated.
btweston -7
You spelled "yeah" wrong.

If you're going to denigrate an organization the least you could do is make some kind of an effort with the language
Ricky Scott 1
“Yeah”, which means yes, definitely derived from “yea”, which also means a more formal yes, but then so did an exclamation of excitement that is almost never used correctly.
Ron Mutchler 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

ABC News Tracks Missing iPad To Florida Home of TSA Officer

In the latest apparent case of what have been hundreds of thefts by TSA officers of passenger belongings, an iPad left behind at a security checkpoint in the Orlando airport was tracked as it moved 30 miles to the home of the TSA officer last seen handling it.
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)


ABC's Nightline recently investigated theft by TSA agents at airports. As part of this investigation, Nightline ran checked-in bags at various airports around the United States that held cash and electronics, and purposefully forget electronics at TSA security checkpoints. All the checked-in bags returned with all contents inside and all the forgotten electronics were eventually returned -- except for one iPad.


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