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Making Bad Travel Worse: Why Did Airlines Cancel Early For Hurricane Sandy?

In their recent public addresses and interviews, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg and Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy pretty much said, “We told you so.” They were referring to the evacuation orders and incredibly dire warnings given in advance of Hurricane Sandy, predicted to be among the worst in history. ( 기타...

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Some undoubtedly got inconvenienced but, as the writer, some chose to go right up to the last minute, thinking the world would revolve around him. IT DIDN'T and now he's pissed. Poor baby. I hate to remind you but, love 'em or hate 'em, the Airlines are a private business and have a right to protect the assetts. As far as the timing, that is based on their own choice and assessment of the matter at hand. It is also dictated by where the Aircraft themselves are,as well as crew availability. You also have to understand that most of those Northeast airports were hubs and a flight canceled to or from there would have a domino effect on the system. They certainly didn't cancel them from a revenue standpoint as it cost them out the wazoo, but as any prudent business, they protected assetts.IMHO
You are exactly right... Look at some LGA pictures... Can you imagine planes stuck on the ground. You just cannot taxi out for take off in water. Once things get stranded in water there are major inspections that have to be done.. Not to mention potential wind damage... Once I had a lady to cuss me out (I am a mechanic) and she could not understand why we could not put chains on the tires and go anyway when there is 2 feet of snow on the Taxiway... I got further news. Most airlines do not have floats... and I have never seen a CRJ or 747 with Skies or Floats (have you preacher1? LOL).

A fellow once told me that he calls Common Sense, Precious Sense... As so few have common sense anymore it is not as common as it used to be. :)
they canceled early so they didnt cancel on the days of a flight to new york or the surounding states and leave thousands of passesngers straned at the airports
The airlines cancelled early so they can position airplanes out of NYC and the surrounding states. Has anyone seen the LGA flood pics?? Could you imagine the cancelations, if they kept airplanes in NYC, and the amount of damage that would take place? Then Mr. Rudd, the Feds would fine the airlines, cause chances are the airlines wouldn't repair the airplanes up to their "standards".
This guy is a "passionate lover of all things fun." I didn't know six words could be so asinine.
Weather was effecting the north south routes along the east coast. I'd estimate 75% of all NY area airport arrivals and departures use these routes
Geez... Cry baby in every crowd... If Airlines had gotten caught with the planes on the ground, it would have been catastrophic. Everyone knew this was coming... Plenty of notice... If you do not plan right, do not blame the airlines for your poor planning.
Larry, you may be a frequent flyer but you haven't leaned much about the inexact science of weather nor what it takes to shut down an airline, protect the planes and to be able to restart an airline. You also don't understand what salt water does to a stranded airplane in a place like any of the New York airports. It is the Passenger Bill of Rights group that foisted the rules of compensation on the airlines who are doing their best to operate in a hostile environment. You would do well to write on a subject about which you are better informed.

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it is impossible to fine them for cancelling a flight, otherwise, it would cause airlines not to cancel flights... thus lowering safety levels


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