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Airlines For America Opposes Proposed Pilot Rule Changes

Airline industry trade organization Airlines for America (A4A) on Monday reaffirmed its support for the FAA's pilot duty and rest times rule, which was "rigorously analyzed" over a two-year period, and urged Congress to reject recently-introduced legislation by Congressmen Michael Grimm (R-NY) and Tim Bishop (D-NY) to extend those rules beyond passenger airlines to all-cargo carriers. ( 기타...

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joblai 3
I love the last sentence: "the airplane does not care whether it is carrying people or cargo, and that the effects of fatigue on pilots are the same whether they are flying passengers or freight".
Planned sleep breaks happen all the time.
Especially for those long overseas trips.
What is not planned - is the rouge pilots that
refuse to follow their flight plan - air routes.
The 2010, 2011 and 2012 [ pending FOIA ] all show
the FAA's Enforcement Data - incidents.

Three such pilot offenders with three or more
offenses against the people plus the airlines
also caught with aviation violations - have been
forwarded to thew U.S. Atty's offices in a (41) page report for further
review and Federal prosecution.

The U.S. DOT - IG does not have the back bone to seek

Enough is enough!
Federal charges are needed here.

Air safety is no accident!

Lt.GS Ret.
First Responder
[ Flt 191 AA ]
This is no time to reduce standards for or enforcement of work rules for aircrews. Cargo flights more often operate at night and at busy hubs. The pilots should be knowledgeable, experienced, sober, and alert. This also no time to operate US aviation at unnecessarily high rates at congested hubs or to complicate navigation, automation, and air traffic control. SLOW DOWN. INCREASE SEPARATIONS.
Difference between cargo pilots and airline pilots is the cargo pilots do not have to deal with complaining passengers.
Pilots do not normally deal with complaining passengers, that's what the flight attendants do. Pilots fly airplanes and to do so safely they need to be well rested. Cargo pilots need as much sleep as passenger pilots, doesn't take a genius to see that.


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