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Delta sharing in the success

Delta is paying out $372 million in profit sharing to its 80,000 employees ( 기타...

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Where's the "corporate greed" crowd?
Meanwhile they just bent over the employees of Pinnacle.
Maybe Pinnacle should start flying for United or AA/AWE?
yeah, happy for those mainline employees, just wish the contractors could get some of the love.
that's pretty minimal when you look at how much they took when they eliminated all employee pensions..I know mutiple employess that lost in the millions each...and lost in the emotional tug a war that goes on at the dinner tables with wives and husbands and kid's eduactions and etc et etc. Delta...hypacritical managment self indulgence.
When is Delta going to begin sharing its profits by paying its shareholders dividends?
Dividends reduce retained earnings on the company's balance sheet, which results in a lower book value and generally lower stock price. So either way, if you are a shareholder, you are getting a cut of profits either in higher stock values or cash dividends.
So, after stealing the pensions, they fleece passengers for almost 700 million in junk baggage fees, then give a little better than half to employees as a percentage of salary.

Employees that are connected to reality will throw that lump sum at retirement. This plan works for Delta because instead of being required to contribute to retirement, profit sharing is at the whim of management just like dividends for stockholders.

I don't buy the argument that shareholders should be happy with the appreciation of the stock price in place of dividends. That is hogwash, the market that sets the share price has more manipulation than a well performed puppet show.
Wow - that's great - everyone gets 4,650 dollar bonus. Doesn't sound that impressive when you say it like that huh? Lol
That would be $4650 they didn't have previously. Is there an issue with that?
everyone gets 6.67 or so percent of annual earnings... not too bad in an industry that seems to have more losing years than not.
dax9876 1
First off, YES $4650 is pretty damn impressive. However, don't think that every employee gets an equal share buddy.
Nonononono. You're taking my comment the wrong way.

In an industry that has used bankruptcies to lower pilot wages and give huge bonuses to upper management in the millions - it sounds better to say they are paying 372 million than saying 4650 per employee on average

I'm saying that the number seems huge when you say the big number. But when you split it up its not really that big a deal. An extra 4650 is real money - but it's not a game hanger for the employees. It's nice though. So when the previous post said " where is the corporate greed crowd" - I wanted to show him that it wasn't an unheard of amount of. Money. - you think I just farted in a cockpit or some other felony with responses like those.

I never said it was evenly distributed my god people- this is a forum - not my thesis or official press release. Lol

Just so I don't get more responses like these - yes I know. Bonuses are good and 4650 is a nice bonuses. I just wanted to say that if you are making 60,000 and you get 3650 bonus it's not as big as people think. And that when you show the total figures and not the mean average amount it sounds bigger.

So yeah William - I gotta problem with that - why - you wanna step outside and lick my butt? Lol. So confrontational.
Bonuses are just that, bonuses! Free money. Whether it's $1 or $10,000. They didn't have to give anything. Why turn a positive into a negative over which number they use?
A $4650 bonus would be a BIG deal for me right now, and I'd be grateful. Just sayin'.
If you want to be a sheep happy to be given 4650 after all the pay cuts - pensions taken away etc - go ahead. It's all just a sound bite to sound magnanimous. In reality we should all be outraged. Suit yourself - go to management and thank them for your 4650 - they are busy laughing their asses off on the inside.

There is more to this than it seems - read the comments above - its not like I'm just a crazy homeless guy in the streets yelling that the end is near.

Why should I care - I don't work there, I don't invest there. Think about the big picture


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